12 world famous women's hockey players

12 world famous women's hockey players

We all know how great hockey is. But do you know how great the most famous female hockey players are?

Don't worry if you don't know because in today's article we are going to detail these incredible players.

Maddie Hinch during the Euro Hockey 2015 final. (Source: Wikimedia)

Again, the appeal of these famous players is as great as their fame. Not to mention their skills. Otherwise, why celebrate them, right?

12 world famous women's hockey players

Today's article is based on the fame and reviews they received from the public. In addition, our articles are based on information provided by celebrities.

Also, we hope this ranking is not taken seriously as it is for entertainment purposes only.

rank player name nation
12 Alan Hogg Netherlands
11 Fatima Moreira de Mello Netherlands
dix Alex Danson UK.
9 Naomi Van As Netherlands
8 Medi Hinch UK.
Sept new paris Australia
6 Honor Carter New Zealand
5 Gemma Flynn New Zealand
4 sophie vine New Zealand
3 Helen Richardson-Walsh UK.
2 Sanguo UK.
1 Alison Annan Australia

12. Alan Hogg

Location: a hockey player
Sun sign: Aries

Considered one of the best and most famous Dutch female hockey players, Ellen Marijn Hoog is a retired Dutch female hockey player who is extremely talented in the sport.

Talking about his childhood, Hugh started playing hockey when he was seven years old. She was then selected to play her first senior match at Stichtse Cricket in Hockey Club at Biertofen in 2002.

Alan Huger plays hockey. (Source: Wikimedia)

A year later, Hugh made her debut for the Netherlands women's national hockey team in 2004. Since then, she has played 232 games for the team, scoring 60 goals.

Additionally, in 2008 and 2012, she won Olympic gold medals and silver medals in 2016.

11. Fatima Moreira de Mello

Location: forward
Sun sign: cancer

Fatima Moreira de Melo is a former Dutch hockey player and professional poker player of Portuguese descent. As a striker, Fatima scored 30 goals in 191 international appearances for the Netherlands.

Fatima Moreira de Melo at the WPT Amsterdam. (Source: Wikimedia)

On October 21, 1997, De Mello and his team made their debut against Germany, winning 2–1. Likewise, she won the Olympic gold medal with the Netherlands national team at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, beating China 2-0 in the final.

Additionally, De Melo is an LLM. Bachelor of Criminal Law. In addition, she hosts television shows for local and national networks. She is also a singer.

10. Alex Danson

Location: forward
Sun sign: Gemini

Retired British international hockey striker Alexandra Marie Lewis is one of the most famous women's hockey players representing England and Great Britain in international hockey.

Danson attended Yateley Manor Preparatory School and Farnborough Hill School as a child. Later, in recognition of Danson's accomplishments, Farnborough Hill School named its all-weather hockey pitch after him.

Alex Danson during the match against Argentina. (Source: Wikimedia)

Danson played for hockey teams such as the Clifton Robinsons, Reading, Klein Zwitserland, Trojans and Alton during his career. However, on October 23, 2001, she made her debut against Germany.

Similarly, in the 2016 Olympics, she won gold and bronze in the 2012 Olympics.

However, on August 2, 2018, she played her last international match against the Netherlands.

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9. Naomi Van As

Location: striker/midfielder
Sun sign: Leo

Voted one of the most famous women's hockey players in the world, Naomi van As is a Dutch hockey player representing MHC Laren as a striker/midfielder.

Speaking of Fan, on June 20, 2003, she made her international debut for the Netherlands against South Africa. Additionally, Fan was a member of the team that won the 2006 World Cup and the 2007 Women's Hockey Championship.

Naomi van As plays hockey. (Source: Wikimedia)

A year later, Fan and his team won an Olympic gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. They won with a 2-0 win over China.

Following this, Van Ass was awarded FIH Player of the Year in 2009 and 2016. Fast forward to 2012, and Fan and his team won gold again at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

8. Medihinch

Location: goalie
Sun sign: Balance

Award-winning goalkeeper, Madeleine Claire Hinch is a professional hockey player and goalkeeper for Tilburg HC and the England and England national hockey team.

Hinch attended elite King's College in Taunton and had been a very bright hockey player since college. Yet, she even earned a degree in exercise science from Loughborough University.

Maddie Hinch won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Hinch made his Olympic debut at the 2016 Rio Olympics. This surpassed his 100 international appearances.

Here she won Olympic gold, saving all four penalties in the final shootout against the Netherlands. As a result, Hinch was widely praised for his gameplay and determination.

7. Rising star Perris

Location: a hockey player
Sun sign: Fish

Nova Maree Peris OAM is a former Aboriginal Australian politician and athlete, the first Aboriginal Australian to win an Olympic gold medal. She won a gold medal with the Australian women's hockey team at the 1996 Olympics.

Nova Peris appears in children's audiobooks. (Source: Goodreads)

Unfortunately, a year later, Perris decided to change careers and won a stunning double gold medal at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, winning the 200m sprint in 22,77 seconds and competing in the Australian 4x100m relay team.

However, she decided to sell her Olympic memorabilia to the National Museum of Australia in 2005 for $140. His Olympic memorabilia includes his gold medal, hockey stick, Sydney Olympic torch and running shoes.

6. Honor Carter

Location: a hockey player
Sun sign: cancer

Ranked 6th among the most famous women's hockey players, Honor Louisa Carter is a New Zealand hockey player who has represented New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games since 2004.

In addition to that, Carter represented his country at the 2004 Champions Cup, 2005 Champions Challenge, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2006 World Cup Qualifiers and 2006 Champions Cup.

Carter and his dog. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to this, Carter completed a double degree at the University of Canterbury, earning a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Science. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in nutrition and naturopathy (BNat).

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5. Gemma Flynn

Location: a hockey player
Sun sign: Taurus

Born in Tauranga, Gemma McCaw is one of New Zealand's most famous women's hockey players, representing her country in international hockey. That said, she has competed in three Summer Olympics so far.

Talking about her childhood, she attended Tauranga High School and Tauranga Girls' College before going to Massey University to study Sports Science.

Gemma Flynn and her daughter. (Source: Instagram)

That said, her career kicked off in 2008 when she represented New Zealand on the Black Sticks women's national hockey team. Likewise, his first Olympics were the 2008 Summer Olympics.

4. Sophie Devine

Location: a hockey player
Sun sign: Virgin

Although her hockey career was not that great, Sophie Devine got the fame and success she deserves through another sport. In other words, she gained most of her fame and popularity through cricket.

However, there is no denying that she has become one of the most famous female hockey players in the world. Devine played for the New Zealand women's national cricket and hockey teams.

Sophie Devine practices cricket. (Source: Wikimedia)

She prefers cricket to hockey, so it's no surprise that she's much better at cricket than hockey. On top of that, she's been known to hit the ball without a helmet, which is rare in sports.

On top of that, she was even selected as one of the ICC Women's T20I Team Player of the Year in December 2017.

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3. Helen Richardson-Walsh

Location: Midfielder
Sun sign: Balance

Helen Richardson-Walsh is one of Britain's most famous female hockey players, playing as a midfielder for the British hockey team.

Helen has represented England and Great Britain in women's hockey since 1999. Also, she was part of the team (UK) that won the gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Helen Richardson-Walsh autographs on the day of the 2011 Supersixes finals. (Source: Wikimedia)

Talking about her childhood, she grew up with three older brothers and started playing hockey at the age of seven. It was then that she joined the West Bridgeford Hockey Club.

On top of that, Helen was the fifth most capped British player in women's football history, with 293 appearances for England and Great Britain when she retired.

2. Three Guo

Location: defender
Sun sign: Balance

Samantha Ann Quek, British television personality and former hockey player, is one of the most famous hockey players in the world.

Before we get distracted by her beauty, let's not forget that she won gold with England at the 2016 Summer Olympics as an England and England defender.

Now, when it comes to her other careers, she hosts a number of sports on TV including American Football on the BBC, Rugby League on Channel 5, Hockey on BT Sport and Football on Channel 4 and LFC TV.

Sam Quek hosts a show. (Source: Flickr)

Additionally, our media stars participated in the Celebrity Chefs "I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!" 2016 and 2020, making it into the bottom three.

In addition, Mr Guo will join BBC One's sports panel program "Sporting Issues" as captain in 2021.

1.Alison Annan

Location: defender
Sun sign: Gemini

Today, the best known female hockey player in the world is Alyson Regina Annan.

Speaking of Annan, she is an Australian-born former hockey player with 228 caps for the Women's National Team. In the process, she scored 166 goals.

Alison Annan and her son. (Source: Instagram)

After retiring from hockey in 2003, Annan became head coach of the Netherlands women's national hockey team. It is from January 2016 to January 2022.

Under her leadership, the team won silver at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, gold at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and gold at the 2017 European Women's Hockey National Championships and 2021.

Additionally, Annan was inducted into the Australian Sports Hall of Fame in 2013.

in conclusion

Finally, we have come to the end of today's article. So who is your favorite female hockey player? Please let us know in the comments section.

Also, let us know if you have any suggestions for topics we want to cover. We will try to attach it in the next article.

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