5 keys to benefiting from educational support

Coaching, the buzzword

Remember that the term "coaching" is very fashionable. In general, it is mainly used in areas such as sports, senior management, etc. However, it is also used at other levels, such as education and pedagogycan be very helpful.

Basically, coaching aims to ensure that people who use this technique are supported a trainerA kind of coach who helps the coachee or trainee to discover what their real goals and desires are and to develop the tools, skills and competences necessary to achieve and overcome them. It does this by implementing various tools that help the person get the motivation to get everything they need to get to where they want to go.

What is educational support?

Educational support is a tool which essentially consists of teaching teaching professionals to teach better. It may sound like a tongue wringer, but that's basically how it works.

Thanks to this tool, any teacher, educator or monitor, whether specialized in Early childhood education or is responsible for a university, master's or postgraduate course, you can acquire tools, skills and competences to better exercise your profession.

Remember that this option comes from coaching, but focuses on education and teaching. We therefore find the figure of the coach, who is the expert and the guide in this case, and the figure of the coachee, who is the teacher, who will be guided to be better in his job every day with advice, tests and discoveries he will make while being guided by his coach.

Thus, as a teacher, the professional can also become a kind of coach who, in addition to better teaching his students, can guide students to achieve their goals and to realize their professional and personal dreams.

Application of coaching at the educational level

To what types of profiles does pedagogical supervision apply? In this case, we find three main actors towards whom this tool is directed to optimize their personal and professional development and to achieve what they can give the maximum in their daily life with their students. It's the case :

  1. Academic authoritiesThe project provides executive tools, ideas and improvements, as well as courses of action and activity for the academic authorities of the different institutions, such as university students, directors of education and training centers, etc.
  2. TeachersThe teacher is the most important actor in the process of educational support. For this person, the tool is broadly oriented, being able to transmit strategies that improve teaching processes and optimize the relationship between teacher and student.
  3. studentsTeacher coaching can also be adapted to the student, who thus receives the knowledge necessary to optimize their learning processes, improve their mastery of emotions, their skills and attitudes towards the educational process, their temperance and their behavior. competence in exams and tests, interest in achieving goals, etc.

Thus, we observe that support focused on education stakeholders aims to go beyond the traditional modelThe teacher is no longer a simple transmitter of knowledge, but a guide for his students. In other words, he becomes a guide, an authority figure because he goes beyond the person who knows the most to become a transversal professional who accompanies his students during a very important period of their life to help them. to optimize their skills, knowledge and skills.

The great benefits of coaching for teachers

At this point, let's see what are the benefits the teacher gets if they choose to take coaching courses. If you want to become the best professional you can be, remember that these benefits are achieved through this tool.

Capacity Building

One of the important tasks of the teacher is to observation. It is only in this way that he can know the talents, but also the weaknesses, of each student for whom he is responsible. This is why pedagogical supervision focuses on improving this quality.

In addition, it should also be noted that the professor, teacher or lecturer improves his communication skillsThe most important part of being a good professional. Thus, the transmission of knowledge is done in a much more efficient way.

Promote the qualities of the teacher

Every teacher, like every person, has potentials and weaknesses. In the case of educational coaching, the coach will focus part of his efforts on highlighting the most positive qualities of the professional so that they are optimized and improved as much as possible, obtaining a return on their talents that borders on excellence. .

Adapt teaching

Another beneficial point of teacher coaching is the match of teaching to the innate abilities of each student. As a quality observer who will be the teacher, you will know implement the tools necessary to personalize the teaching act so that it is perfectly adapted to each of your students.

Identify opportunities

Not all students or groups of students are the same. Therefore, the teacher should investigate, observe, identify and work on improvement opportunities. This is an aspect that is also taken into account in the educational framework.

Individualization of learning and its processes

Finally, the supervision of teachers also makes it possible to work individually with each student so that they can personalize their learning process and live a unique experience adapted to their specific needs and their particular talents.

Knowing these 5 keys to benefiting from educational support, do you think this is what you need to be a better professional and adapt your teaching to the particularities of your students? If so, don't think about it, there are plenty of coaching courses to get you started today.

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