Recruitment improvements and innovations

What is Recruitment 2.0?

Recruitment 2.0 is the evolution of the traditional model of personnel selection adapted to new technologies. It therefore consists of find and / or attract a certain number of people with the most appropriate and competent profile for a job using web 2.0 tools. In the past, “the challenge was to find the right profile. Now it's not just about finding the right one, but also whether the employee is genuinely interested in staying with the company, ”he says. Beltrán Benjumea, director of the recruitment portal Felipe Delgado, director of Michael Page ColombiaThe firm advises that “personalization is key, even if more time is spent selecting the candidate.

Innovations in selection processes bring great benefits for those who implement them: automate much of the work, optimize times research and decrease spending. In addition, they get the candidates get involved and actively participate in the processes and demonstrate their professional and personal skills.

Recruitment means 2.0

New ways of recruiting staff appear every now and then, so keeping up to date is very important in order to maximize the chances of recruiting or being recruited. Currently, the most popular are:

One of the fastest, most efficient, and popular ways to select the best candidates is to use software specializing in the management of the recruitment process. To do this, gThe website also has a search engine that filters the applications that have been included in its databases, either through the company's website or job portals.

In this sense, it is important that candidates spend time creating their professional profile in social networks and portals and on company websites, adapting it to the particular requirements of each job offer to have better chances. to be found by the search engine.

On the other hand, the inclusion of job offers in social networks, especially in LinkedIn, is very effective in disseminating them and attracting the attention of the most qualified candidates thanks to its alarm system.

Maria Isabel Velasco, director of the Professional Development Center -CEDEP- of Icesi University, he affirms that“Every day we realize that the face to face is one of more effective strategies in the job search. It is for this reason that organizations conduct comprehensive selection processes where social networks such as Facebook supplement the information that the organization needs to know about the participants in a selection process. While the personal interview is very important, we notice that whenever organizations seek to supplement this information, they do so with the information applicants submit on Facebook, for example.

It is therefore important that applicants keep their social media profiles up to date and, of course, do not upload compromising content. In addition, companies increasingly appreciate the inclusion of multimedia content (video CVs, completed projects, links to personal websites, etc.) in professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Gradually, games of chance have been incorporated into recruiting processes, especially over the past decade, allowing companies to test candidates' various skills, such as time management or the ability to work under pressure. This new stream of recruitment assumes that anyone can send a CV or open a profile on social media, but not everyone is ready to get involved in these processes and devote time to them. Thus, from the start, candidates show that they are genuinely interested in being selected, thus increasing their chances of being hired.

  • Aptitude tests and / or psychological and competence tests

Sometimes companies ask candidates for their jobs to complete a test or questionnaire. These tests allow employers to get an idea of ​​professional and personal skills (communication and expression skills, problem solving…) of those who respond. This makes it possible to filter the requests and choose those that best correspond to the way the company operates. As a general rule, if the candidate does not pass the tests or questionnaires, their curriculum is automatically eliminated from the selection process.

3 tools every human resources professional uses to recruit talent

While the tools for recruiting staff are increasingly varied, there are generally three that every human resources professional knows how to use. They are as follows:

LinkedIn's newcomer to the world of employment helps companies plan their recruiting processes and optimize their decision-making. To do this, she has Artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of data and reach conclusions. This tool was launched recently and is presented in 7 different languages ​​(English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese).

Talent Clue is an example of a cloud recruiting platform, i.e. a tool for cloud management with which you can access real-time information from any device and keep it safe for long periods of time. This tool focuses on the candidate and bonding between them and the company, so if the current process does not allow for a bond, the contact can be useful for future selections. Their data is stored in the cloud, from which companies can filter based on different factors, make comparisons between candidates and much more.

This is indeed an example of what is called in the world of recruiting 2.0 ″.mobile recruitment". That is, the application by means of mobile applications. This job search engine is available in more than 50 countries and in 28 languages. It works by aggregating job postings from thousands of websites, allowing you to submit applications in one place and also store CVs.

Reasons to rethink the recruitment strategy of companies

Despite the benefits of Recruitment 2.0, we must keep in mind that its implementation alone will not solve all recruitment problems in companies, let alone if we do not know what they are. The most common mistakes in recruiting strategies are

  • Make the selection process too extensive.
  • Do not provide feedback to applicants.
  • Reserving too much information about the company.
  • Being too rigid with the hiring criteria.
  • Offer wages or conditions that are not in line with the market.
  • Having a negative reputation that keeps professionals away.

How do you know what is wrong? By analyzing every point of the selection process, talking to employees and seeking to understand the reasons for their behavior, but above all by putting yourself in the other's shoes. Only a true review of the hiring strategy allows a company to change its footprint and begin to achieve the goals it has set for itself, by attracting attention and even retaining the best talent in the market, and by positioning itself as a great company to work for.

How digital platforms enable the recruitment of business leaders

Finding suitable profiles for corporate jobs is complex, but recruiting senior and middle managers is particularly complicated. This has always been the task of companies specializing in seeThe lessons and the recruitment, since their experience, their training and their methodologies - sometimes deepened by functional areas - increase the affirmation of the processes.

However, new digital media, and more precisely the social networks, have become the complement and a superb showcase for them. “The use of social networks by high-level executives differs from the use in other types of profiles,” explains Felipe Delgado. According to the representative of Michael Page, these professionals do not use social platforms to publish what they are looking for work possibilitiesThe company has worked with a number of companies in the field of talent management, but "to be part of specific and specialized groups, to keep abreast of certain issues of interest to them and even to gain strategic visibility with potential employers or talent search companies.

These are some of the benefits social media offers to hiring managers and company presidents:

  • They are a complement to your personal brand: a good CV, full of successful experiences, academic preparation and brilliant skills and competences, is a very good professional cover letter, but it is not the only one. More and more companies and headhunting firms are looking at publications or references that executives have in digital media. The writing of specialized articles, opinion columns or simply the fixing of serious positions around certain subjects gives points in a selection process and makes it possible to avoid several interviews, which gives an idea of ​​the importance of the creation and care of the personal brand.
  • They give you visibility: In a market like that of Colombia, where in many sectors the demand for executives exceeds the supply, differentiating yourself and making yourself visible can be a big challenge. Therefore, the use of social networks to gain notoriety by commenting on important issues and to establish direct contact with the various media that the recruitment and selection companies allow to be in contact with the candidates for the processes (web , networks, blogs, forums and catalogs where candidates are offered in code, protecting their anonymity at the start).
  • They improve your Networking:: Being part of professional groups, like those that exist on Linkedin, is a very good way to connect with each other these days, as it allows you to be in direct contact with decision-makers through the media. digital.
  • They serve as an educational tool: forums, courses, virtual training or simply access to specialized literature or articles that reflect the latest market trends… are just some of the resources that can be found on social networks. There are specialized platforms to provide training, updates and new knowledge on different topics.
  • They serve as a benchmark for the market: allLarge companies are turning to social media, as are specialist recruiting and selection firms and other executives. It is therefore important that executives and managers who wish to be hired also frequent social networks.

Now that you know all the ins and outs of Recruitment 2.0, you are ready to adapt your job search or recruiting strategy. Do not wait any longer !

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