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Make the most of your time during your university life to meet people and grow professionally at the same time. Are you about to become a medical student? Don't miss out on the information we have gathered for you, which will help you make the best decisions.

Best Colombian Universities for Medicine: Enroll in Cali

You want to know what the medical degree program looks like, the career in Icesi University?or which are the professional fields in which doctors have graduated from Santiago de Cali UniversityFor more information, see this note. CTA

Le medical career is a a profession in great demand in Colombia. In Cali, this race is offered by the Icesi University and by Santiago de Cali University lasting 12 semesters.

The best universities in Colombia for medicine: Icesi University


> SNIES: 54533

> Credits: 294

Features of the medicine Icesi University

  • It is structured to train doctors with the highest skills in the diagnosis, solution and research of diseases. The design of the study program includes biomedical subjects from the first semester of the degree.
  • As part of clinical internships, students have the opportunity to question and perform the physical examination of patients, participate in medical rounds, attend academic activities of the Lili Valley Foundation (FVL) and other institutions, and perform procedures under the supervision of teachers.
  • From the first semesters, students have access to practice with advanced simulation models to facilitate the learning of basic medical sciences.
  • FVL specialists and sub-specialists are involved in teaching from the first semester of the diploma in order to give the student a clinical orientation from the start of his training.
  • Classes are given to groups of around 26 students to facilitate the practice of Icesi University's active learning model.
  • From the fourth semester, students begin an internship at the FVL with the subject of semiology (study of signs and symptoms of diseases) and from the sixth semester, they spend most of their time at the Foundation rotating in each of the medical specialties and subspecialties.
  • The agreements of the Universidad Icesi and the Fundación Valle del Lili with national and international universities and other health institutions allow the development of clinical rotations in other hospitals with a high academic and assistance level.

The medical student's internship year at Icesi University

The internship is the last year of medical training which aims to complete the acquisition of the skills necessary for professional practice.

What do you do for the first six months?

Rotations for surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics and gynecology and obstetrics.

What are you doing in the last six months of the race?

There are four alternatives, and they are:

- • Internship in administration with emphasis on auditing and health managementTheoretical part: with a theoretical part at Icesi University as part of the courses of the Master in Administration (MBA) and the specialization in health audit. This internship includes an administrative practice component at the Valle del Lili Foundation.

- • Continuation of the internship: by focusing on postgraduate clinical internships offered and carried out in FVL (emergency medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, radiology, cardiology, intensive care and neonatology).

- • Clinical research internship: is carried out at the Valle del Lili Foundation Research Institute as a young researcher in one or more of the 74 institutional studies underway to date (October 2009)

- • Trainee at CIDEIM as part of one of the research projects on the following diseases or pathologies Vector control, sexually transmitted infections, leishmaniasis, malaria, bacterial resistance or tuberculosis.


> SNIES: 4783

> Credits: 284

Professional profile

Le Santiago de Cali University prepares students for the career of Medicine so that they can practice as:

- "In outpatient, emergency and hospitalization in establishments of low, medium and high complexity, know and apply their knowledge in technologies and procedures of the highest level".

- "She will participate in the resolution of priority health problems as part of primary care and community health education work for the family and the community."

- "You will have the skills to make quick decisions and participate in disaster and emergency medical care programs, work in health teams with different health professionals as process coordinators" .

  • Scientific or managerial positions in public and private institutions

- "He will be able to work in various government positions or in private companies with a leadership character and a critical knowledge of the implications of new health policies, leading changes in the sector that promote a better way of life".

- His knowledge of medical auditing, health administration, epidemiology, research and public health make him a doctor capable of performing medical research of a high level of quality, as well as a leader empowered to conduct good project management, administration of health facilities and development of health policies.

- “You can join forces to create your own business and generate new jobs that meet the country's health needs.

- “His solid knowledge in basic clinical fields such as internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, surgery and mental health will enable him to practice competently in various pillar departments of health establishments.

- The emphasis on family medicine will allow the graduate to have a global vision of the process of growth and development of family members in each of their life cycles to be successful in this area of ​​health.

- "When we approach the question of human resources in the health sector, we must think of the user who trusts the professional who takes care of him, who must have excellent training in communication, human relations and be able to manage technologies as diverse as biotechnology or electronics. But what's even more important is training in group production and adherence to critical protocols and restrictions that can determine the end result of their performance.

7 medical masters to do in Colombia

¿You studied medicine and graduated?, are you looking to make a Specialization or expertise in your field? Note what the 27 masters medicine that you can study in Colombia:

1. Master in Public Health. University of the North

2. Masters in Occupational Health. University of the North

3. Master of Science in Basic Biomedical Sciences. University of the North

4. Master in epidemiology. University of the North

5. Masters in Occupational Safety and Health. Free University - Barranquilla section

6. Master in Health Services Management. Free University - Cali section

7. Masters in Occupational Health. Free University - Cali section

8. Master in epidemiology. Free University - Cali section

9. Master in Biomedical Engineering. University of the Andes

10. Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology. University of the Andes

11. Master in Public Health. University of the Andes

12. Masters in Medical Sciences. Pontifical Bolivarian University

13. Master in Biomedical Engineering. CES University

14. Master in epidemiology. CES University

15. Master in Public Health. CES University

16. Masters in Tropical Medicine. CES University

17. Master in Information and Communication Technologies in the Health Sector. CES University

18. Master in Health Care Quality. CES University

19. Masters in Immunology. University of Cartagena

20. Master of Science in Basic Biomedical Sciences. Industrial University of Santander

21. Master in epidemiology. Industrial University of Santander

22. Master in Health and Disability Psychology. University of La Sabana

23. Master in Family Health. Eastern Catholic University

24. Master in Infectious Disease Research. University of Santander UDES

25. Master in Public Health. Saint Thomas University

26. Masters in Health Economics. Antonio Nariño University - Campus de Cartago

27. Master in family mediation. Antonio Nariño University - Campus de Cartago

Medical student: tips to improve your academic results

The most common problem for any medical student is the organization of time.Many think it is too difficult to have a career in medicine, find it difficult to follow classes and are often stressed during exams. However, with a good organization you won't have to regret it all.

How to enjoy university life and study medicine?

Organization is the key to giving you time to do everything during your university stadium. If you go to class, questions to the teacher whatever you don't understand, review the topics before exams and share your doubts with your classmates, you will see that nothing can go wrong.

1.attend classes

Top Tips For The Medical Student Emphasizes The Importance Of Attending Classes Every Day. Participation is the best way to get organized, to know the most important points of the subject and to get the best marks.

2. Spend a little time each day reviewing the topics.

The last party, in view of the exams, is very unproductive. To improve your performance on exams, it is advisable to devote a little time each day to what you see in class. Thus, you will be able to keep all the information without the pressure of exams.

3. Talk to classmates

No one better than your colleagues to exchange thoughts on medical lessons. While studying, having your own circle in the classroom will help you in your studies.

4. Study in the library

You will find it easier to socialize if you choose the library for studying. In this space you will be able to meet other classmates.

5. Go to the cafeteria

At university there is time for leisure, including medical students. In the cafeteria you will meet other students to go out for a night out and have a good time, without having to neglect your studies.

6. Don't forget the tutoring

Teachers are ready to clarify any kind of doubt during their lessons. If you have any doubts on a topic, it is best to go to the tutorials so that the teacher can clarify your doubts.

The study of medicine, a complex career, requires a little method. With a few tips, you can take advantage of this time, improve yourself in your studiesand enjoy the university environment. The important thing is that you take the lessons and get to know your classmates and teachers.

Alternatives to medicine: dentistry

le Dentistry and the the study of teeth and the treatment of their ailments. The . dentists are trained to perform diagnosis, treatment, prevention of diseases of the mouth, among other functions.

What are the main tasks of a dentist?

Monica Andrea Botiaa dentist graduated from the Pontifical University Javeriana y Master of EducationHe explains that "a dentist can perform different tasks, mainly clinical activities, that is, direct patient care, ranging from protection to rehabilitation. Currently, he can perform other tasks in different fields such as administration, research and teaching ”.

What skills should a dentist have?

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Where to Buy
  • Organisational skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Dedication
  • Effort
  • Patience
  • Frustration tolerance

For Nataly Vargas MartinezA fifth semester dentistry student at the El Bosque University, a dentist must:

  • “Being very organized, time is very precious;
  • Be a charismatic person, so that you can extract important information from patients that will speak volumes about their diagnosis and treatment plan;
  • Have a lot of discipline;
  • Getting to know the human body and forgetting that people are just teeth
  • Humanize services and care ”.

What can a dentist do?

  • Private or public clinical dentistry
  • Companies, institutions or organizations with a dental service
  • Ministries or any government organization related to health
  • Universities or institutes for the development of dental research
  • Plants to care for communities with limited resources

Dentists in the labor market

According to MINISTRY OF EDUCATION OBSERVATORY OF WORK (with data corresponding to 2014), out of the total number of dentists graduating in 2013 (1), 649% managed to enter the labor market, with an approximate salary (as young graduates) of 73,3 2 dollars.

"I think in the country, more emphasis is placed on aesthetics than disease prevention and health promotion and unfortunately specialists like us are undervalued, we do not receive the salary. that we should and although there is not much competition in most places they would rather hire generals rather than pediatric dentists for child care, Jacqueline Garzon Rodrigueza dentist graduated from El Bosque University and works in the community field.

Nataly Vargas Martinez considers that there is a lot of competition in the labor market; however, "the real competition is with oneself, there must be work for everyone, but the market will only be dominated by those who have clear knowledge, who act as a person of integrity, responsible, punctual, honest, able to stay stable over time and genuinely want to work and help people. In addition, there are many branches that can be a complement to the clinic ”.

How important is it for a dentist to have a postgraduate degree or other type of further education?

  • "Today, it is essential to be able to aspire to be better trained and more competitive and to be well prepared in the face of an increasingly difficult labor market", Monica Andrea Botia (Pontifical University Javeriana).
  • “I believe that in the world in which we operate, progress is constantly changing and we must prepare to meet the needs of the country, Jacqueline Garzon Rodriguez (El Bosque University).
  • "I would say that it is very important, a postgraduate degree is one more possibility to reduce the competition for work, since there are more general dentists than specialists, in addition it is oriented towards the professional specifically of some things that have caught their attention more during the career, without ignoring that it must be integral and know everything as soon as it respects ”, Nataly Vargas Martinez (El Bosque University).

Dentistry from a student's perspective

Entretien avec Nataly Vargas MartinezThe student in the fifth semester of dentistry from Forest University, and Julian Andres VigoyaA student from the Pontifical University Javeriana.

1) Why did you decide to study dentistry and how did you realize that was what you wanted to do?

  • “I realized that I wanted to study dentistry, thanks to a conversation I had with a dentist at a university fair held at the school. She told me everything about this job and the value of helping vulnerable communities or the difficulties of accessing health care and, from there, she drew my attention more because, in my village, there is no there weren't many health professionals, Nataly Vargas Martinez, El Bosque University.
  • “It's a profession that allows me to develop both intellectual and humanistic skills, where I have to emphasize critical capacity, leadership, communication skills and sensitivity to different social issues. This profession allows the professional to be the promoter and the manager of multiple changes in the different aspects of the patient's life ”, Julian Andres VigoyaA student from the Pontifical University Javeriana.

What do you like most about being a dentist?

  • “What I appreciated the most was being able to work with different communities, having the opportunity to learn about the customs, traditions, lifestyles and habits of people, families and the population in general, to find risk factors and to help control and resolve health problems. To also be able to act as a mediator in conflict resolution ”, Nataly Vargas Martinez, El Bosque University.
  • From a humanistic point of view, I have to stress that getting a “thank you doctor” or a brotherly hug from the patient after seeing how he completed the treatment and regained his self-esteem is what I prefer. From an intellectual point of view, I must emphasize that dentistry is an evolving science in which the development of critical skills, investigation, communication and leadership are skills that the professional must face daily in his professional practice ” , Julian Andres VigoyaA student from the Pontifical University Javeriana.

3. what are your aspirations or dreams as a professional?

Nataly Vargas Martinez, El Bosque University.

  • Be a full-fledged professional, who knows how to handle any situation, having the knowledge to carry out an approach to a patient and make it successful and sustainable
  • Being able to carry out research and publicize the results through conferences, which will give the media more possibilities to optimize processes and attention, always thinking of the quality of life.
  • To be recognized in the middle, not because you have a lot of money, but because the patients say they have had good experiences during the consultation, that they feel comfortable and satisfied with the service provided.
  • Being able to start a business and give more people the opportunity to work and develop.

Julián Andrés Vigoya, student at the Pontifical University Javeriana.

  • To be the best maxillofacial surgeon in the world.
  • Develop new research programs oriented towards the development of reconstructive and aesthetic materials at the cranio-dento-maxillary level.
  • To be a teacher.
  • Start a business.

4) Do you think fluency in English or another language is important in this profession?

  • “Much of the medical literature is in English and a dentist must be able to understand and master other languages, first to be up to date with the most recent information to guide his practice and then because it opens many doors to work here and all over the world, Nataly Vargas Martinez, El Bosque University.
  • “English is a necessity. It is fundamental for the student and the professional because the vast majority of scientific knowledge is in English and therefore becomes the means of learning and developing our profession, Julian Andres VigoyaA student from the Pontifical University Javeriana.

5) What would you recommend to someone who is considering studying dentistry?

  • "Let him do it because he really enjoys it, this career is very beautiful, but it is also very difficult, the academic load is very demanding and of high quality and whoever wants to study it must have a lot of organization and disciplined, he must know how to work in a team and learn everything as quickly as possible, he must read, update himself, demand and appreciate what he has learned and share it ”, Nataly Vargas Martinez, El Bosque University.
  1. Always do your best.
  2. Analyze, persevere and achieve your goals.
  3. Apply whatever knowledge you learn and challenge it.
  4. Look up, you might have a unique idea.
  5. Understand others and learn to listen to them.
  6. Be strong when things aren't going so well.
  7. Learn and enjoy your teachers.

Recommendations for people studying or wanting to study dentistry

“That he is a person of integrity, with values, that his flag is respect and responsibility, it must be clear that this is a race with sacrifices, but that in the end it will be worth it and that he will be very disciplined ”, Jacqueline Garzon-Rodriguez, community worker El Bosque University.

"That he must be really convinced of what he wants to do and plan for himself, it's a race with a lot of obstacles and difficulties, he must have a great tolerance for frustration and maturity to face the care. patients from the first semesters, he must have a great sense of responsibility and ethics ”, Monica Andrea BotiaLe Dental school full Pontifical University Javeriana.

Study dentistry in Colombia

An undergraduate program in this field lasts an average of 10 semesters, with a specialization between 4 and 6 months.

Studying medicine, a career and some of its specialties takes longer than considering studying dentistry as a professional option. However, although both professions are based on helping others, the scope of the two specialists and their daily work is very different. Do you consider yourself a medical student and you are considering applying to one of the best universities in Colombia in the field of medicine? Or would you prefer to pursue another career in the healthcare industry eg dentistry?

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