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What really is a Laughing Pig? Discover the playful origins and cultural impact of this iconic game

What Is a Laughing Pig — Have you ever wondered what a “Laughing Pig” is? Well, don't worry, you're not alone! This iconic board game has captivated entire generations and continues to make young and old laugh. In this article, we'll delve into the gaming origins of Laughing Pig, learn how a game is played, explore its timeless popularity, and even give you some tips on how to become a true master of the game. Buckle up and get ready to laugh burst out loud, because The Laughing Pig is much more than a simple board game. So, are you ready to dive into the hilarious world of this mischievous pig?

The playful origins of the Laughing Pig

Created in 1932 by the Lyon grocer Joseph Michel, The Laughing Pig is a board game that has spanned generations. Originally, this popular amusement, made of wood and glass, captivated children and adults with its simplicity and friendly approach. Quickly, the company Établissements Paul Michel, managed by Joseph Michel's son, took over to distribute this game inspired by a traditional Lyon counter game.

The essence of the game

The principle The Laughing Pig is both simple and ingenious: assemble the different parts of a pig's body using the results obtained by rolling dice. Each player impatiently waits to be able to complete their pig, in a frantic race against their opponent.

The progress of a game

In this game for 2 players, the suspense is maintained until the end. Each roll of the die is decisive. A 6 allows you to take the body of the pig, a central element without which no addition is possible. A 1, for its part, allows you to place a paw, an ear or an eye, while two 1s are necessary to add the famous corkscrew tail. The first to complete their pig is declared the winner.

Tactics and luck

The game combines tactics and luck, forcing players to make quick decisions and adapt to the vagaries of the dice. Victory sometimes hangs by a thread, or rather a well-rolled die, making each game unique and full of twists and turns.

The timeless popularity of The Laughing Pig

This French creation, born before the Second World War, seduces with its authenticity and its ability to bring together young and old around a common activity. Its charm lies in the simplicity of the rules and the excitement of friendly competition.

A constantly evolving game

Despite his age, The Laughing Pig has continued to reinvent itself, moving from wood and glass to more modern plastic materials, while retaining the essence of its attractive mechanism and pleasant aesthetic.

The Laughing Pig and the Pig Game

It is interesting to note that The Laughing Pig shares some similarities with another board game known as The Pig Game. In the latter, the dice are replaced by figurines of little pigs which are thrown to score points depending on the position in which they land. This variation adds a physical and visual dimension that enriches the gaming experience.

A renewed gaming experience

The Pig Game, like The Laughing Pig, offers a fun experience where luck and strategy combine for the pleasure of the participants. The tactile aspect and unpredictable dimension of the pigs make them popular games during evenings with family or friends.

Tips for Mastering The Laughing Pig

If you want to excel at The Laughing Pig, some tips may prove useful:

  • Memorize dice combinations to react quickly and efficiently to each throw.
  • Anticipate your opponent's moves and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Stay focused and don't let pressure influence your decisions.

Strategy and patience

Mastery of the game also requires patience and perseverance. A good player will know how to wait for the right moment to complete his pig, while keeping an eye on his rival's progress.

The cultural impact of The Laughing Pig

The Laughing Pig is not just a simple board game; it has become an element of French cultural heritage. Its influence goes beyond the playful framework and is part of the tradition of family games which promote sharing and conviviality.

A place of choice in the hearts of the French

Over the decades, The Laughing Pig has managed to conquer a special place in the hearts and memories of the French. It embodies the joy of moments spent together, of shared laughter and of bonds forged throughout the games.


Since its creation by Joseph Michel, The Laughing Pig continues to make people smile and bring happiness to homes. It reminds us that sometimes the simplest pleasures are the most lasting. So the next time you see this iconic game, remember that it's more than just pieces to put together: it's about joy, tradition, and an emotional story.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions about “What is a laughing pig?” »

Q: What do you call a laughing pig?

A: A laughing pig is called “Piggyto®”, a happy little pig who loves music!

Q: Why the laughing pig?

A: Laughing Pig is a fun board game where players have to put together different parts of the pig's body. The goal is to be the first to complete your pig by placing all the pieces on the body.

Q: How is The Laughing Pig played?

A: The laughing pig game is played with two players. A 6 allows you to take the body of the pig, a 1 allows you to place a leg, an ear or an eye. It takes two 1s to place the corkscrew tail. The winner is the first to have assembled all of his pieces on the pig's body.

Q: What is the pig game?

A: The pig game is a board game where the dice are figurines of little pigs. The goal is to throw the little pigs to obtain maximum points.

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