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What is a Zouari child? Discover the fascinating legend of these extraordinary children

What is a Zouari Child — What is a Zouari child? This question intrigues and arouses curiosity, doesn't it? Well, don't worry, because we are here to answer all your questions about this mysterious phenomenon. In this article, delve into the legend of the Zouari children, explore their place in the birth rate in Islam, learn about debates over gender and parentage, and explore how these children adapt to modernity. So, fasten your seat belts and prepare to discover a fascinating world that is sure to captivate you.

The Legend of the Zouari Children

The Zouari children emerge from a mysterious and ancient tradition rooted in Berber-Arab folklore. According to local beliefs, these individuals possess particular physical characteristics which distinguish them from their birth. They are assigned extraordinary abilities, such as the possibility of communicating with jinn, supernatural creatures mentioned in the Koran and Islamic traditions.

The Supernatural Gifts of the Zouari Children

The particularity of Zouari children is not limited to their appearance. These beings are renowned for their supernatural gifts which arouse both admiration and fear. Their ability to speak to jinn places them in both a privileged and perilous position, as they are believed to be able to access hidden knowledge or influence events through this connection.

The Zouari Children's Hunt

The fascination with the powers of the Zouari children has a dark side. They are hunted down and sometimes kidnapped by treasure hunters who believe that sacrificing them could help them locate buried riches. This cruel belief endangers the lives of these children and plunges them into a world of fear and insecurity.

The Place of Birth in Islam

In the Muslim faith, giving birth to children is seen as a divine blessing. Allah is seen as the creator and determiner of the destiny of every human being, including health, longevity, and life course. It is an act that falls within the framework of “good” and the continuity of the community.

The Choice of Procreation

While procreation is considered a blessing, Islam does not prohibit choosing not to have children for valid reasons. Each couple is free to make this decision, as long as it is motivated by compelling and justified circumstances.

The Question of Gender and Filiation

The term “child” in French is neutral and applies to both boys and girls. The distinction between gender is therefore a question of language and not of the intrinsic value or abilities of the individual.

Adoption and Kafala in Islam

Although theAdoption as it is practiced in many Western countries either banned in Muslim countries, a system called kafala ensures the care of children who cannot be raised by their biological parents. This form of guardianship respects the principles of biological filiation in Islam and is an alternative to adoption, although it is not recognized by French law.

The Zouari Children and Modernity

The belief in Zouari children survives in regions where folklore and oral traditions continue to play a dominant role. In the age of globalization and information, these stories are sometimes viewed with skepticism, but they remain anchored in the culture and practices of certain communities.

The Impact on Children's Lives

Children identified or perceived as Zouari may face unique challenges, oscillating between a special status and the risks associated with the superstitions that surround them. It is essential to protect these children and educate them in an environment that respects their fundamental rights, while recognizing and preserving the cultural heritage from which they come.


The Zouari children represent a fascinating and complex aspect of Berber-Arab folklore. While recognizing the importance of preserving these cultural traditions, it is crucial to ensure that the beliefs and practices derived from them do not undermine the safety and well-being of the children involved. In a constantly changing world, it is about finding the right balance between respecting ancient beliefs and protecting the individual.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions about Zouari children

What is a Zouari child?
A Zouari child is an individual with physical characteristics defined in Berber-Arab folklore. They are said to have supernatural powers and the ability to speak to jinn.

What is the myth surrounding the Zouari children?
In the anthology of the occult universe in Morocco, there is the myth of the Zouari children. They are considered beings with supernatural gifts, hunted down, kidnapped and sacrificed by treasure hunters.

Why is having children important in Islam?
Birth rate is considered a divine blessing in Islam. Allah is the only one who gives birth to a new being by determining its destiny, including its life, death, illnesses and growth. This is the power of “good”.

What is the gender of a child in French?
The word “child” is used in both genders: a child (masculine), a child (feminine). When we talk about grandchildren, the term is always in the plural.

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