8194460 How do I watch an adult movie on myCANAL?

How do I watch an adult movie on myCANAL?

As @ 80s indicates, the programs de category V (-18) are not accessible from the applications myCANAL, at the request of manufacturers (Apple, Microsoft, Google). Go to your decoder or to the site myCANAL.fr for to access. The Charme (-16) content is accessible between 22:30 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Second, How do I watch movies on myCANAL?

Once downloaded, you can read it without an internet connection: on the plane, on the train, at the hotel, etc.

  1. Open the application myCANAL . ...
  2. Go to the tab "ALL YOUR PROGRAMS at see or review whenever you want ”and choose the program you want to download.
  3. Touch "Download".

In addition, what are the adult channels on Canal +?

New numbering of chains X in the universe Canal

  • PENTHOUSE >> 215.
  • COLMAX TV >> 217.
  • PINK X >> 218.
  • MAN X >> 219.
  • PASS PINK X >> 220.

So How do I watch myCANAL offline? To take advantage of the " offline“, All you have to do is go to the program file and start the download which will be stored in the“ My videos ”menu.

How to activate adult programs on Canal +?


However, you have the option of activate or deactivate them at will. To do this, all you have to do is go to your CUSTOMER AREA in the "Modify my plan" section and tick the formulas on which you wish to benefit from the adult programs.

Which channel is W9 on Canalsat?

Dissemination channels of the chain W9

canal 89 for Canal.

How to watch a movie offline on Netflix?

It is very simple. For regarder a series if you don't have a network, you have to anticipate. We go to wifi, we scroll down the menu and we click on downloadable content then on the download sign next to the series or film aimed. And then we watch when we want.

How to install myCANAL on macbook?

Nothing too complicated, just follow the guide! On Android : On your mobile or tablet, from the menu grouping together all your applications, go to the Play Store. In the search bar, type " myCANAL". Press the first result, " myCANAL, your programs live or in replay ”.

How to activate Canal Afrique adult channels?

To enable you to receive adult channels, you must go to your point of sale to proceed with their activation.

How to activate the Canal Plus parental code?


  1. Access the MENU, select MY TV, then SETTINGS.
  3. Select CONTROL PARENTAL , then confirm with OK.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Which 6Ter channel on Canalsat?

HD1, chain dedicated to the fiction of the TF1 group, will be received by subscribers of Canalsat on channel 66. 6Ter, chain family of the M6 ​​group, will be located on canal 67.

Which Channel shifted channel?

Channel numbering

Chain Numbering on Boxes Numbering on Freebox
Canal + Sport 41 42
Canal + Series 42 43
Canal + Family 43 44
Canal + Offset 44 45

Which channel on Canalsat?

Canalsat : what are the new numbers chains ? The complete guide

  • TF1: channel 1.
  • France 2: channel 2.
  • France 3: channel 3.
  • Canal +: channel 4 or 9.
  • France 5: channel 5.
  • M6: channel 6.
  • Arte: channel 7.
  • C8: channel 88 or 308.

How to watch Netflix on a computer without the Internet?

Watching downloaded TV shows and movies

  1. Identify yourself on the application Netflix and select Downloads. On a device running Windows 10, open the app Netflix and select Menu. ...
  2. Choose the title you want regarder , and then select Play.

How to listen to a movie without Internet?

Default video application

You go to the iTunes Store or Google Play Market applications and choose the category Films. Then you have the menu containing a selection of films. Select the Search tab and search for a film that you want regarder.

What is the download limit on Netflix?

Number of downloads allowed on Netflix is of 100 titles simultaneously. If you try to exceed this total, an error message will be displayed. You will only have to delete a title to make room.

How to download a movie on myCanal on Mac?


For download a content from the site www.canalplus.com, just click on the button " Download »(Down arrow picto) on the program sheet. You will then be prompted to install the management module for managing your downloads.

How do I install the myCanal download module?

If you are on Windows 10, install the app instead myCanal available on the Windows store. If you are on another version of Windows or Mac OS, install Silverlight. the module You will be offered the option to download content on demand.

How do I install Silverlight on a Mac?

How installer Silverlight on Mac

  1. Open Netflix and select any title to start playing.
  2. When a dialog Silverlight opens, select Install Now.
  3. Open the Downloads page and double-click Silverlight .

Why don't I have all the channels on myCanal?

You can request to be called back by an advisor. Go to your CUSTOMER AREA, under “Contacts”, then “Contact us”. Select the theme of your choice and click on "Contact us" then "Be called back".

How do I activate my channel subscription?

For activate your rights, you can do it: From the Orange TV menu, go to the section CANAL + to ensure that the mosaic of your offer CANAL + is displayed. Contact customer service CANAL + on 0 891 360 340 (1) for activate your rights.

What are the Canal Access channels?

The + Pack of Canal + : list of Channel channels More included

  • Canal +
  • Canal + staggered
  • Canal + movie theater.
  • Canal + sport.
  • Canal + series.
  • Canal + family.
  • Disney +

How to find the parental code?

Perform these steps:

  1. Access the Control application parental Nintendo Switch on your smart device.
  2. Select "Console Settings" in the upper right corner. ...
  3. Select » -- secret ”.
  4. Le queues control secret parental of your console will be displayed under " -- current secret ”.

How do I reset my parent code?

NOTE: If you forgot your Parent Code, you can reset it 24 hours a day, 24 days a week: - by connecting to MON ACCOUNT, heading MON SUBSCRIPTION/Reset my Parent Code.

How to change the parental code?

I want to modify the parental code

  1. Start by accessing the Welcome screen (or home page) by pressing the "Home" button on the remote control.
  2. Select "SETTINGS" using the directional keys and the "OK" key (located in the center of the directional keys),
  3. Select "SECURITY",


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