How to find my Supercell ID?

Recover an account Supercell ID

  1. Look in your mailboxes for messages mentioning Supercell ID . This will help you find which email address you used to create your account. Supercell ID .
  2. After finding the email address, go to game settings, tap Offline and sign in.

Second How do I log into a Supercell ID account?

Login the first matters from game to Supercell ID :

  1. Connect your device to matters Google or Game Center desired.
  2. Start the game. matters game associated with matters Google or Game Center chosen above will be loaded.
  3. Open settings and tap the button below the heading Supercell ID .

However, how do I change Supercell ID email address?

First of all, be aware that there is no automated procedure to modify theaddress e-email associated withSupercell ID. Therefore, it will not be possible for you to proceed independently and you will necessarily have to seek customer support from Supercell.

How to recover my Brawl stars account without Supercell ID?

1) Log in to Game Center with the first email address you connected to your matters. To do this, go to Settings> Game Center> login Apple. 2) Once connected to the voucher login Game Center / Apple, the game will ask you to load the matters corresponding.

How to find my clash account? Find his village in Clash of Clans

  1. install Clash Of Clans on your smartphone.
  2. During the first launch, the application will ask you to synchronize your game with your matters GooglePlus.
  3. Enter the identifiers of your matters Google.
  4. Wait a few seconds.

What is Supercell's email address?

Supercell France email contact

If you have any concerns regarding the use of the games, the age limits, your safety or that of your child in the game, you can send an email to Supercell France viaaddress next: parents @supercell. Com.

How to change the email address of my Supercell ID account?

First of all, be aware that there is no automated procedure to modify theaddress e-email associated withSupercell ID. Therefore, it will not be possible for you to proceed independently and you will necessarily have to seek customer support from Supercell.

How to add an account on Clash of clan?

Throw 2 Clash of Clans accounts on a smartphone Android

Open the app to start then press " Add an account »And select a matters gmail from the list displayed on the screen. Once this is done, go to menu and search for Clash of Clans then launch it.

How to change the email address of a COC account?

If you are able to access the matters game and you just want to change the e-email associated with it, what you need to do is contact customer service through the chat.

How to exit Supercell ID?

Select “Supercell ID”And press“ Settings ”. You will find the email address with which you logged in. So press “Logout“.

How to change your Supercell ID name?

To change name, open the game settings, select the button Change name and follow the on-screen instructions. Do not use de special characters (including emojis) in your name user; they might not be visible once the change is confirmed.

How do I recover a lost Brawl Stars account?

If you have a device Android, open the game and press the button in the shape of three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner of the screen, then enter the Game Settings menu and select the Google Play Access option.

How to get free gems on Brawl Stars 2021?

The most reliable way toget gems for free is to complete the battle pass each season. Although it does not offer enough saved to buy its premium version with each reset, you will get enough by completing its levels to buy a premium pass every 3 seasons or so.

How do I create a Supercell account on Brawl Stars?

Create a Supercell account ID, it's very easy and it's free. To get started, go to settings and press Supercell ID. You will find it in all games Supercell, as well as some games developed by partners.

How to recover my old Clash Royale account?

To be sure, go to the Android screen where all the apps, tap the Settings icon (the one with the cogwheel) go to General and tap the item Account. Then tap on the Google label and make sure the matters shown is the one you have always used to play Clash Royal.

How to recover my Clash Royale account on another phone?

To transfer your Clash Royale account towards a for another apparatus Android, all you have to do is use the same matters Google on the new device that you synced your game progress to.

How to recover your Clash Royale Android account on Iphone?

On your new device: go to "Settings> Game Center" and sign out. Then connect with the new one matters. Launch Clash Royale and this one should offer to synchronize the matters your old device (level 8 for example)

How to file a complaint against Supercell?

If it concerns a problem in the game, it's in Settings> Help and support> Contact us.

How to delete my Supercell ID account?

B. Delete a Supercell ID account on un Android device:

  1. Launch the "Settings" application on your Android device.
  2. Open the “Applications” menu then “Applications“.
  3. Select your game and click on “Storage”. Remove the data of un game Supercell ID .
  4. Press “Clear data“.

How do you give an account on Clash Royal?

To transfer your Clash Royale account toward un other device Android, all you have to do is use le same matters Google on le new device with which you have synced your game progress.

How do I get a free Clash of Clans account?

These are the 2 great ways you can get it Account premium Clash of Clan for free without paying a single penny, either by using Clash of Clans Mod APK download or using username and password free mentioned above to take advantage of the higher version.

How do I change my account on Clash of clan?

by change account in Clash of Clans on Android, you just have to disconnect the matters currently logged into the game and log in with the one where your in-game progress is present, to choose between Games from Google Play, Facebook or SuperCell ID.

How do I log out of a Clash of Clans account?

To disconnect du matters on your game Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Hay Day or Boom Beach: Launch le game on your iOS device or Android which to are logged in with Supercell ID. Tap the three dashes icon at the top right or the gears icon at the top left.


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