How Sheryl Underwood Hit a Net Worth of $8 Million

Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Patrice Underwood has hosted The Talk since 2011, but that's not where her career began. This dynamic and funny comedian and outstanding actress has many credits to her credit. In addition to her entertainment accomplishments, Sheryl holds four honorary doctorates, the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Benedict College in Columbia, SC, the University of Illinois-Chicago, Voorhees College in Denmark, SC, and the South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, SC. How Did Sheryl Underwood Achieve $8 Million Net Worth? Keep reading, and we'll break it down for you.

Carrier start

Despite her somewhat youthful appearance, Sheryl Underwood is 58 years old and she has been actively involved as a comedian since 1988. It was a long period of accumulating wealth and fame. She handled both with unwavering dedication. Let's first look at his early efforts. Long before she was an actress or host of a Daytime Emmy Award-winning show, Sheryl was a driven young woman. Her first adult job after high school wasn't as glamorous as her current situation. In 1981, Sheryl graduated from high school in Atwater, California. From there, she almost immediately went to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas to train as an Air Force field medic. She spent two years in the reserve. No one gets rich by being drafted, but it was a disciplined start for this brilliant and hilarious woman. In 1989 Sheryl entered and went on to win the Miller Lite Comedy Search. She was the first female finalist in history. It was this moment that helped propel his career into comedy stardom. In 1994 Sheryl won the BET Funny Female Comedian on Comic View Award. She went on to do years of stand-up and even worked in a few Hollywood movies. According to David Vergun's feature story for the Department of Defense, she was in I Got The Hook-Up in 1998.

Comedy, television and films in the 2000s

Sheryl Underwood was a frequent performer on HBO's "Def Comedy Jam" in the early 2000s. In 2001, she was in Nikki. However, she played the more famous Catfish Rita in the beloved 2005 film Beauty Shop. The stand-up and film work is great, but that was just the beginning for Sheryl. The same year Beauty Shop came out, it won BET Comedy's Platinum Mic Viewers Choice Award. Meanwhile, in 2010, she was on Martin Lawrence's First Amendment Standup special. In 2013, the actress and comedian was in The Millers, and the following year she had a role in Lisa Kudrows' The Comeback. 2016 was a busy year for this brilliant woman as she starred in Supergirl and The Odd Couple. Then in 2018, Sheryl had a role in the sitcom Happy Together for the episode called The Power of Yes Men, which aired on December 3. Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump is a fun cooking show with special guests who sometimes bring a lot to the table. In 2021, Sheryl brought her sense of humor as the hostess served a traditional English roast and Spotted Dick. Jokes practically write themselves considering the menu, but Sheryl was charming and hilarious herself.

The Talk and other hosting works

The Talk isn't Sheryl Underwood's only hosting job, though it's her longest serving in the role so far. 2019 was another eventful year as Sheryl hosted a short but amazing show called Wrap Battle. On this show, people who specialize in packing packages for all occasions competed to show off their skills and win prizes. As TV Guide points out, Sheryl hosted the 47th and 48th Daytime Emmy Awards. However, this busy and bright woman didn't stop there. In addition to hosting a daytime television show, she also has The Sheryl Underwood Podcast, where she covers topics such as news, music and sports.

weight loss success

The pandemic has been hard on people in many ways, but gaining weight can affect your long-term health. When Sheryl started losing weight last year, people definitely took notice. It turns out that some of those people were sponsors. According to Reality Titbit, “Sheryl revealed she lost almost 50 pounds of weight. A chat on The Talk saw her reveal she weighed up to 230 pounds. The 5ft 4in star now often promotes the digestive wellness brand Metacumil, which aims to help adults feel lighter and more energized. The host revealed that his weight loss came from five factors: good sleep, movement, meditation, prayer and drinking water. Getting an endorsement deal with a big company will undoubtedly add to your wealth. Plus, being healthier and finding more energy through lifestyle changes means Sheryl will be able to enjoy that well-deserved success and the income that comes with it for longer.

Other Accomplishments

With so much going on, it's hard to imagine Sheryl having time for herself or other pursuits. However, she is also the founder of the Pack Rat Foundation For Education (PRFFE), which educates and funds the 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Not only does this amazing, eloquent and highly educated woman make money for herself, but she also takes the time to give back. Most people are happy to make occasional small donations. However, as a researcher with multiple degrees and honorary doctorates, Sheryl wasn't about to settle for less than her best. Still, fundraising for over a hundred schools while pursuing a career in television and podcasting is a lot of work.

Latest Thoughts

It seems like Sheryl is as genuine and driven as a person can be. Her money, the part she keeps anyway, comes from a deep-rooted sense of wanting to work every hour of the day. She worked long and tirelessly to earn her fortune. From her early career as the first female Miller Lite Comedy Search finalist in 1989 to her final episode of The Talk. One thing is certain, this brilliant dynamo has not finished moving. Although she recently signed a multi-year renewal that will keep her on The Talk through Season 15, we have no doubt we'll see even more of that soon.

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