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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with full schedule and kick-off times

A total of 64 matches will be played to decide the winners of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

There are only a few days left until the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and all nations are represented. We can now predict who would be best placed to advance to the knockout stages now that the group stage pairings have been decided.

Senegal's game against the Netherlands at the Al Thumama Stadium was originally scheduled to kick off the tournament a day later, but Qatar's game has been brought forward to allow them to kick off their home tournament.

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With their Group B encounter against Iran scheduled for Monday 21 November at 13pm UK time, England will now play matchday two. The Premier League stops eight days before the match. Wales' opener will also take place on Monday, November 21, having qualified via the play-offs.

In Group B, England will face the United States; in Group C, Argentina and Lionel Messi will face Mexico; and in Group H, Luis Suarez and Uruguay will try to spoil what could be Cristiano Ronaldo's final World Cup appearance.

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2022 FIFA World Cup Schedule Full Details:

Game name Football
Tournament name FIFA World Cup 2022
Coordinator FIFA (International Federation of Association Football)
An 2022
Host country Qatar
First game November 21, 2022
Category Sports news
Final match 18th December 2022
Total number of matches 64
Total teams 32

Qualified teams for the 2022 FIFA World Cup:

Saucepan 1 Saucepan 2 Saucepan 3 Saucepan 4
Qatar Mexico Senegal Cameroon
Brazil Netherlands Iran Canada
Belgium Denmark Japan Ecuador
France Germany Morocco Saudi Arabia
Argentina Uruguay Serbia Ghana
England Switzerland Poland Wales
Spain USA South Korea Costa Rica
Portugal Croatia Tunisia Australia

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2022 World Cup kick-off times:

Steps) Location
United States and Canada
Group stage only 13 h 5 am in the morning 10 h 21 h 15h30
Group stage only 16 h 8h 13 h 12 h 18h30
Knockout only 18 h 10 h 15 h 2h in the morning 20h30
Group stage only 19 h 11 h 16 h 3 am in the morning 21h30
Group/KO 22 h 14 h 19 h 6 hours 00h30

FIFA World Cup 2022 groups:

Groupes Teams
group A Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands.
group B England, Iran, United States, Wales.
group C Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland.
Group D France, Australia, Denmark and Tunisia.
Group E Spain, Costa Rica, Germany and Japan.
Group F Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Croatia.
Group G Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon.
Group H Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

2022 FIFA World Cup schedule:

Match Date Match details Location Time
1 21th November Qatar vs Ecuador Al Bayt Stadium 15h30
3 21th November Senegal vs Netherlands Khalifa International Stadium 21h30
2 21th November England v Iran Al Thumama Stadium 18h30
4 22th November USA v Wales Al-Rayyan Stadium 00h30
8 23th November Argentina v Saudi Arabia Lusail Stadium 00h30
Sept 22th November Mexico vs Poland Ras Abu Aboud Stadium 21h30
6 22th November France vs Australia Education City Stadium 18h30
5 22th November Denmark vs Tunisia Al Janoub Stadium 15h30
12 23th November Spain v Costa Rica Al Bayt Stadium 15h30
11 23th November Germany versus Japan Khalifa International Stadium 21h30
dix 23th November Belgium v ​​Canada Al Thumama Stadium 18h30
9 24th November Morocco vs Croatia Al-Rayyan Stadium 00h30
16 25th November Brazil vs Serbia Lusail Stadium 00h30
15 24th November Switzerland vs Cameroon Ras Abu Aboud Stadium 21h30
14 24th November Portugal v Ghana Education City Stadium 18h30
13 24th November Uruguay v South Korea Al Janoub Stadium 15h30
20 25th November England vs USA Al Bayt Stadium 15h30
19 25th November Wales v Iran Khalifa International Stadium 21h30
18 25th November Qatar v Senegal Al Thumama Stadium 18h30
17 26th November Netherlands vs Ecuador Al-Rayyan Stadium 00h30
24 27th November France v Denmark Lusail Stadium 00h30
23 26th November Tunisia vs Australia Ras Abu Aboud Stadium 21h30
22 26th November Argentina vs Mexico Education City Stadium 18h30
21 26th November Poland vs Saudi Arabia Al Janoub Stadium 15h30
28 27th November Belgium vs Morocco Al Bayt Stadium 15h30
27 27th November Croatia v Canada Khalifa International Stadium 21h30
26 27th November Spain v Germany Al Thumama Stadium 18h30
25 28th November Japan vs. Costa Rica Al-Rayyan Stadium 00h30
32 29th November Portugal v Uruguay Lusail Stadium 00h30
31 28th November South Korea v Ghana Ras Abu Aboud Stadium 21h30
30 28th November Brazil vs Switzerland Education City Stadium 18h30
29 28th November Cameroon vs Serbia Al Janoub Stadium 15h30
36 29th November Netherlands v Qatar Al Bayt Stadium 15h30
35 29th November Ecuador vs Senegal Khalifa International Stadium 21h30
34 29th November Wales v England Al Thumama Stadium 18h30
33 30th November Iran versus the United States Al-Rayyan Stadium 00h30
40 1er december Poland vs Argentina Lusail Stadium 00h30
39 30th November Saudi Arabia vs Mexico Ras Abu Aboud Stadium 21h30
38 30th November Tunisia vs France Education City Stadium 18h30
37 30th November Australia vs Denmark Al Janoub Stadium 15h30
44 1er december Japan vs Spain Al Bayt Stadium 15h30
43 1er december Costa Rica v Germany Khalifa International Stadium 21h30
42 1er december Croatia vs Belgium Al Thumama Stadium 18h30
41 2 December Canada v Morocco Al-Rayyan Stadium 00h30
48 3 December Cameroon vs Brazil Lusail Stadium 00h30
47 2 December Serbia vs Switzerland Ras Abu Aboud Stadium 21h30
46 2 December South Korea v Portugal Education City Stadium 18h30
45 2 December Ghana v Uruguay Al Janoub Stadium 15h30


Match Date Match details Time Location
49 3 December 1A versus 2B 20h30 Khalifa International Stadium
50 4 December 1C versus 2D 00h30 Al-Rayyan Stadium
51 5 December 1B versus 2A 00h30 Al Bayt Stadium
52 4 December 1D versus 2C 20h30 Al Thumama Stadium
54 6 December 1G versus 2H 00h30 Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
53 5 December 1E versus 2F 20h30 Al Janoub Stadium
56 7 December 1H versus 2G 00h30 Lusail Stadium
55 6 December 1F versus 2E 20h30 Education City Stadium
57 10 December W49 versus W50 00h30 Lusail Stadium
58 9 December S53 versus S54 20h30 Education City Stadium
59 11 December S51 versus S52 00h30 Al Bayt Stadium
60 10 December W55 versus W56 20h30 Al Thumama Stadium
61 14 December S57 versus S58 00h30 Lusail Stadium
62 15 December W59 versus W60 00h30 Al Bayt Stadium
63 17 December L61 versus L62 20h30 Khalifa International Stadium
64 18 December S61 versus S62 20h30 Lusail Stadium

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