Cybersecurity: education for the future

Cyber ​​security today

The past decade has been a defining decade for the growth of cybersecurity around the world. Numerous studies have analyzed, through professionals, the number of experts needed to fill the gaps that constantly appear in computer security issues.

Currently, it is expected that around 6 million cybersecurity experts will be neededof which a million are not yet ready to start work. This gap is therefore present, and can no longer be considered. futureTraining in this area has an absorption capacity of 100% of professionals.

The necessary training

There is a global consensus that the Education has become a focal point for bridging the gap between the level of cybersecurity expertise available today and that which is already needed and requested in the near future.

What does it take to study to become an expert in this field? The truth is that this is an essential aspect which makes it difficult to satisfy the existing demand, because there is no specific training in this regard.

So what can you do? There is no doubt that as a base you need higher computer training when it comes to software. Once you have graduated, you need to move on to a master's or postgraduate degree. And then, as the world of cybercrime is constantly changing, you will have to be in permanent formation to update your knowledge at the same speed as human ingenuity relies on cyber fraud.

At this point you can help knowledge of criminology. Therefore, from careers related to this issue to masters, courses and the use of the latter, you can find information and training according to cybercrime that allows you to anticipate the criminal mind by fully understanding it. .

The profile

That being said, you can imagine the demanding profile in this regard. You need to be able to fully understand today's online world, and it will take skill and a constant need for growth, innovation and continuing education to be always up to date.

Today, according to industry experts, the most requested profile is that of a technician who adds management skills.

There is no specific profile in this area. We are looking for experts able to cover a variety of requests, from the most technical to those that are business-oriented. There are always two key skills to demonstrate: problem-solving and decision-making skills.

In any case, it is indeed desirable to have training that officially certifies that you have the right qualifications. However, do not forget that, as we said, it will be a constant journey, because you have to learn every day and without rest. Thus, the desire to learn is another of the skills that the sector demands, as you can see in the job portals where cybersecurity experts are in high demand.

Finally, don't forget to add a top analytical skills. Only then can you become an expert in the complex and fascinating world of cybersecurity, an area that has a bright future ahead of it.

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