How can essay writing become easier?

There is no doubt that being a student is not as easy as you might wish it to be. Since there are many challenges related to homework and classwork, you will succeed sooner or later by being focused and goal-oriented.

You will succeed

faster by dedicating enough time to learning and preparations. Students are constantly looking for effective ways to optimize their time. One of the alternatives and working solutions to ease the tense of volume essay writing is reaching out for help. Some students do not know that there are legit online services that help with writing, editing, proofreading, and formatting essays, research papers, case studies, and other papers for college. By turning to a service, you will contact an experienced author who will provide you with a sample compiled following your needs. All you need to do is give the complete manuals to a writer.

If you want to try yourself and write an essay without any help, prepare for difficulties. We want to help you by providing some working hacks. Apply some tips from the article below to essay writing to make the most of your time and ease creating texts. Read patiently and follow the pieces of advice from skilled authors.

Read instructions

Defining the goal of writing and the core requirements of your teacher are significant milestones of an easy and transparent writing process. Start with reading manuals that will explain to you all the essential points. Ensure that you understand precisely how to format and outline your essay and select an exciting topic. Manuals usually contain lists of sources to consider. Pay attention to a recommended word count and required tone of voice. If some points are missing or seem unclear to you, ask your teacher to explain everything step by step. It is always better to ask twice than write a paper again.

Choose a topic wisely.

One of the most effective ways to ease the process of essay writing is selecting a subject that inspires you. For example, if you are fond of butterflies, you will not be as excited to write about dolphins. Instead, you will most likely write a 10-page essay about the Red List Swallowtail if you have a topic in mind and wish to write about it. Your teacher will gladly assign you a paper on a chosen subject. All you need to do is ask your teacher about writing on a preferred topic.

Collect information

Once you choose an inspiring topic for your essay, you can hit the road to one of the most responsible stages of the preparational process. Research is significant because you must work hard to find reliable sources and define the core information related to your subject. To make the most out of the study, including into a list at least five of the following categories of sources:

  • Books
  • Magazines, scientific journals
  • Dissertations, thesis papers, case studies
  • Vlogs, blogs, and podcasts
  • Movies
  • Interviews
  • Databases.

Depending on the topic, one or another type of source might prevail. You can add to the list some unique references that fit your subject. Refer to the teacher's manuals and take some ideas from the list suggested in the instructions.

State a thesis

The central thesis is an essential element that helps build your essay around it and a starting point to arrange your thoughts logically. When formulating the main thesis, be laconic and make it no longer than one-two sentences. Note that your main thesis will be prepared differently depending on the type of essay. For example, you must mention two subjects in one statement for compare and contrast essays. If you face difficulties and cannot state the main thesis yourself, ask a friend for help or reach out to your teacher.

Structure is significant

It is vital to dedicate enough time to outline. Even a formal essay that is one of the basic ones must be appropriately arranged. An outline is a 'skeleton' of a paper that lets an author ensure that each paragraph cohesively flows into another. If you want to create a correct logical structure of a paper, ensure to include at least three core sections:

  • An introduction

The first part of an essay must briefly explain the goal and subject. By introducing the topic to the audience, you must engage readers and hook them. Make them want to proceed with reading your essay. Add some appropriate elements to highlight your thoughts and brighten your text.

  • the body

You need to divide the main body of your paper at least into three paragraphs. Each body section must explain one thought and lead to a subsequent section to present a new thought. Use cohesive words to make your text readable.

  • At conclusion

Any essay must be effectively finalized. A conclusion sums up all core points. You must not add new ideas and unexpected twists into the last section of an essay. Instead, focus on closing statements. You can add some ideas for the future to investigate the topic.

Proofread patiently

Finalize your work by effective editing. You must be ready to spend at least an hour proofreading and polishing an essay. You need to read a paper several times. Pay attention to style and tone of voice. Make updates if required. Check facts and arguments. After the content satisfies you, proceed to work on grammar and spelling. Reduce repeated words and add some cohesive connections if needed.


We hope that reading our article was helpful enough for you to start writing more meaningful essays quickly. To sum up, we recommend you always start with reading instructions provided by a professor. It will help you to define goals and core points. Choose a topic that inspires you, and work on it more easily. Research is among the essential stages of writing that requires time and patience. Ensure to include into research at least five sources. The outline is meaningful if you want to create a meaningful essay. Always take enough time to structure a paper. The editing stage is crucial. It would be best to never skip proofreading to get a good result. Good luck!

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