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IND vs PAK: Team India are undefeated in the last 2 editions of the Asian Cup

The Indian team will be led by Rohit Sharma in the 2022 Asian Cup, and the men in blue will be among the favorites to win the tournament.

On August 28 at the Dubai International Stadium, India will face Pakistan in the opening game of their Asian Cup championship defense. The Men in Blue have never lost a game in the T20 Asian Cup after winning all five of their games in the inaugural T20 competition in 2016.

The Indian captain said the line-up is mostly set with the T20 World Cup just a few months away.

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There are still about two and a half months left in the T20 World Cup. Before that we have two home series against Australia and South Africa as well as the Asian Cup. So about 80-90% of your team is set. Depending on the circumstances, there may be three or four modifications, if any. The conditions in Australia will be different as we have played in India and will be playing in the United Arab Emirates. We need to figure out what works best for our team in Australia,” added Sharma.


India enjoys the highest winning percentage among the ODI and T20I formats of the Asian Cup. While Sri Lanka sits second in the overall standings, they top the ODI table with a winning percentage of 68%, compared to India's 63,26%. Hong Kong is the only country that has failed to record a single win at the Asian Cup while Oman is the only team to have only played the tournament in the T20 format.

Our team "Just for You ❤" box of matches Won Lost Tie/NR To win%
India 54 36 16 2 66,66
Sri Lanka 54 35 19 0 64,81
Pakistan 49 28 20 1 57.14
Afghanistan 12 5 6 1 41,66
Oman 3 1 2 0 33.33
Emirats arabes unis 11 3 8 0 27.27
Bangladesh 48 dix 38 0 20.83
Hong Kong 9 0 9 0 0,00

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Can India compete?

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