The best software to get computer-generated images online

Remember that a computer graphic is used to present in an attractive way and simple a series of data and schematic information that serve to influence the viewer, who can use and visualize it as a guide to understand any topic or content.

Computer graphics can make information more easily accessible to the viewer's mind and can also make details written about it in his or her last longer. memory.

So, without the need to be an expert scholar or a seasoned professional, you can create computer graphics with very simple and accessible programs like the ones shown below.

Software for obtaining quality infographics online

We've started looking at the different online tools you can use to create high-quality online infographics. Take note of it.


This is a free online softwareThe system is available in two versions, but with additional features if you wish, which allows you to work on the funds of your choice. Besides, you can add all kinds of elements, from handwriting with its writing tool to all kinds of images in different formats, such as PNG, JPG, etc.

The use of BeFunky is very simple, we learn to use it in a fairly intuitive way and it allows, in addition to the creation of infographics, to enrich each image on which we work, even if we do not have a lot of knowledge and experience in matter.


Another free tool for making infographics in a simple and intuitive way. The tool has more than 500 models on which you can edit texts, posters and presentations. It makes it easy to add icons and images and offers simple software to download and manipulate the result.


It is one of the most used infographic programs. This is because it includes the addition known as word cloudA visual resource that helps explain concepts by highlighting key words. So the tool is convenient for creating such clouds or global clouds which are added to the infographic.

Google Charts

Among the programs for making computer graphics, this is probably one of the simplest and most comfortable. It serves to create a very simple chartlike a table. That's why the big search engine offers this interactive tool which helps you to do it intuitively if you don't need to include big complexities.

Another intuitive site that allows us to create simple infographics, but also allows us to easily obtain a design that is quite attractive aesthetically. The tool has gadgets for making graphs, tables and maps which are achieved with a very professional look. However, the free version is quite limited.


This infographic application or software allows add interactive maps. It offers very convenient functions that do not require a lot of computer or design knowledge. With a fairly intuitive handling and very basic notions, you can breathe new life into your creations.

Slide template

This is a Web page which offers one of the most complete programs for the production of infographics and their personalization. To do this, it has among its software more than 10 templates that you can adapt to applications such as PowerPoint, for example.

In this simple way, with simple programming that does not require a lot of prior knowledge, you can use infographics to create presentations and reports that can stand out, since the platform offers very useful tools to organize, to move the appearance and for intuitive and comfortable use.


One of the computer graphics creation programs that offers results that match good tools like Illustrator or Photoshop which require much less knowledge and experience.

The platform contains very visual options for you to become an expert in graphic design. So you can add maps, images, different types of typography, and any detail required by the infographic you create.


Other quality software that presents over a million users in the whole world. It is a free tool that facilitates the generation of synthetic images thanks to its wide range of editable models.

Its handling is so simple that, once your work is finished, by clicking on the Present you can view content even in full screen, all without leaving your browser.

Visit the website

Another of the programs for making computer graphics that can be considered famous. The platform is Premium if you want to access all of its possibilities, but even with the free tools that you can edit with a simple and intuitive system in its use which has a large number of options to create presentations and also quality and very complete infographics.


Another free tool to make good infographics if we are not experts in complex and professional software. It has many models and makes it easy to generate and adopt additional images to complement them. You can customize designs, incorporate data, and even post your work on social media without leaving your online program.

Other programs for free online infographics

Finally, we see other interesting programs for making infographics online

  1. Infogram. Tool called freemium, that is, it combines free with access to other tools if you pay.
  2. other software to easily create infographics online with very interesting options.
  3. Infographics. It presents very comfortable tools that even allow you to make infographics online from its application in your smartphone.
  4. Creatively. It is useful for creating flowcharts, presentations, info tables, and of course, infographics.
  5. Geocommons. Another tool provided by a huge community tasked with providing open data through anonymous volunteers.
  6. Table. Free public service for publishing visualizations and creating interactive data.
  7. Google public data. Another great Google tool for creating quality online charts.

You now have many tools at your service, all online and with the option of not paying. You choose, which is the best software to get infographics online? You decide which one you want to work with based on your goal.

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