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PUBG Mobile's Most Expensive Players

Here are the most expensive PUBG Mobile players in the world according to the 2022 ranking.

PUBG Mobile is by far the most popular smartphone game on the planet. The number of users of the product is growing rapidly. PUBG was officially released in 2017. In 5 years, the shooter has been installed on smartphones by more than 550 million users.

The product is especially popular in Asian countries: in 2020, owners managed to earn more than $1,3 billion in the region. There is great marketing potential for top players, who don't cut themselves off from the fans and clearly demonstrate their skills on their Youtube channels. Here's a look at the top 10 players in the world according to the 2022 rankings, who have proven their skills by winning tournaments and playing in top leagues.

10: Coffin

Coffin not only has unique skills in PUBG but is also considered to be one of the strongest players using two fingers. It generates a ton of themed content. More than 1 million viewers are subscribed to the star's official channel.

Coffin is the undisputed leader of the Turkish PUBG scene. The player has been deeply immersed in the shooting game since its release. With his skills and his reaction, Coffin deserves to be in the top 10.

9: TQ Marco

TQ Marco from Uruguay helps Team Queso maintain their lead on the South American stage. He has won trophies overseas in the PUBG Mobile Club Open and PUBG Mobile Pro League tournaments.

TQ Marco's unique trait is mental toughness. The player steadily improved throughout the semi-finals and finals, which sets him apart from his South American rivals. Things are looking up for the Uruguayan and he will stay on the continental throne for a long time.

8: C9 Beowulf

Asia is considered the center of concentration of the world's best players, but representatives from other continents regularly appear in the world's top flight. C9 Beowulf hails from the United States and represents the Cloud9 organization. The player has had a productive 2021. He has 3 victories in the elite leagues in North America.

7: RRQ Earny

This is the first PUBG star on the roster to represent Asia. The player is from Thailand and plays for RRQ Athena. Earnny is appreciated for his aggressive style, his reaction and his ability to face critical situations in close combat. Since joining his current team, RRQ Athéna's results have improved considerably.

6: Scout

Scout is a popular blogger and one of the strongest representatives of PUBG. He has about 3,5 million subscribers on his official channel. The player is a legend in India. He became the first representative of the country to successfully cross the barrier of Conqueror status. The first big wins came for Scout in 2018, when he proved to be the strongest in the national tournaments. Scout signed a contract with FNatic ​​Esports, with whom he participates in prestigious tournaments.

5: Jonathan

Jonathan is a two-finger game icon of PUBG. The India representative has been a successful stormtrooper in the TSMxEntity organization for several years. The player's trick is the use of a gyroscope.

Jonathan is valued for his melee skills. He put his skills to the test in 2020, when he won major tournaments in South Asia and India.

4: Deadly

Mortal wins Jonathan and Scout's contest for the title of India's strongest representative. The player represents the state of Maharashtra and has a large Youtube channel (over 6 million subscribers). Mortal is a representative of the four-finger game school. The cyber-athlete particularly shone in 2019, winning several elite series in India.

3: BTR Zuxxy

Indonesia's BTR Zuxxy opens the top three. The cyber-athlete is the popularizer of PUBG in his country, with around 1,7 million users subscribed to his Youtube channel. BTR Zuxxy prefers playing on an iPhone XS Max and uses a four-finger layout.

The player became the first PUBG representative to win the Esports Awards Player of the Year award. BTR Zuxxy has won many competitions held in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

2: XQF command

XQF Order is considered a master of close combat and should be the strongest player on the planet. His rapid rise through the ranks was due to playing alongside the legendary Paraboy.

Today, Order plays in the XQF team with which he won the PEC. The Chinese defender hasn't had many international wins so far but with his skills it will only be a matter of time before he makes up his mind.

1: XQF Paraboy

Paraboy has a consistently high level of success in every tournament he participates in. Paraboy managed to achieve MVP status in the elite leagues 4 times in 2019-2020, and experts noted the Chinese cyber-sportsman's extraordinary accuracy in his game. Today, Paraboy uses a layout to four fingers.

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