The impact of video games with Asian characters on players' romantic preferences

Dare you say you've never fantasized about one of the female characters in your video games... Without going so far as to marry a doll, you've more than once dreamed of falling asleep in the arms of this magnificent creature Virtual.

You have nothing to be ashamed of having had such thoughts. To tell the truth, you are far from being an exception. Our environment directly influences our romantic preferences. Video games being a major player in everyday life, it is normal that they weigh heavily in the balance. Do you find it hard to believe? Wait to read the following.

How do Asian representations affect love preferences?

In video games, Asian women are presented in an extremely flattering light. Strong, independent, brilliant, they also have a plastic to turn heads. In many ways, they represent the embodiment of male fantasy par excellence. Why not go looking for a beautiful Asian?

Very comfortable with new technologies, Asian women abound on dating sites. Even better… Many of them enjoy playing online and look exactly like your favorite heroines. By registering on a site dating asian women, you will have every chance of crossing paths with a beautiful Japanese or a sulphurous Chinese etc. Outside these portals, it is not easy to get to know them. Captured by their own lives, they themselves are bogged down in the metro-work-sleep routine.

Who knows what rare pearl you will meet on these platforms? Maybe she'll even look like one of those extremely famous video game characters...

Who are the most famous Asian characters in video games?

It takes more than beautiful plastic to make a video game character endearing. Generally, it is by his character and throughout the story that he wins the player's favor.

In a ranking published in May 2021, published a ranking of bestrs asian video game protagonists. Based on user feedback and expert reviews, they picked seven characters that are impossible to resist. However, it would be a mistake to stop at this first top.

Indeed, in the video game universe, certain characters are so emblematic that they remain forever etched in the minds of players.

1- Chun-Li from Street Fighter

With every survey worth its salt, you'll see Chung-Li's name appear. Mythical character of Street Fighter, the beautiful Chinese is a fantasy for many players. Recognizable by her blue qipao and her metal bracelets, the fearless warrior contributed to the success of the fighting game.

2- Kitana from Mortal Kombat Series

Daughter of the reigning couple of the kingdom of Edenia, Kitana is a powerful warrior with voluptuous plastic. Armed with her blue fans, she fights mercilessly against the henchmen of the fearsome Shao Kahn.

3- Ada Wong from Resident Evil

It is in episode 2 of Resident Evil that the busty Ada Wong makes her appearance. Hired by a company competing with Umbrella Corporation, the American of Chinese origin is a formidable mercenary. Particularly skilled with revolvers, she overcomes hordes of zombies with disconcerting ease.

4- Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge

After the death of her parents, Faith Connors decided to devote her life to fighting against the totalitarian regime in place. Living on the roofs of the city of ice, Faith earns her living by transporting parcels from one place to another. Attention… There is no question for the rebel to take a taxi. It is by jumping from roof to roof that she carries out her transactions. Even today, Mirror's Edge is presented as an exceptional game by video game industry professionals.

5- Taki from Soul Calibur

Nicknamed “the demon hunter”, Taki is a ninja from the Fu-Ma clan whose objective is to destroy the demonic sword “Soul Edge”. From 1995 to 2012, she will be one of the main protagonists of Soul Calibur before giving way to Taki.

Between them, these women represent the fantasy of a large majority of players. At the same time, it's hard not to love them. Strong while being feminine through and through, they have prompted more than one male to have a penchant for Asians. And such heroines definitely inspire lovers of video games to find the women of their dreams.

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