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Believe it or not, almost half of the world's population watches football. Of course, not everyone is a die-hard fan and follows every big event, but it's still amazing for a sport to have such a massive viewer base. There are many synergies between football leagues and other industries as they can help each other a lot. In fact, games and technology have had a big impact on this sport, but football has also contributed to the growth of these industries. Here, we'll talk about the impact of video games and technology in general on the most popular sport on the planet.

Brand ambassadors for video games and casinos

You have probably seen many sports betting and casino websites that have a superstar athlete or other celebrity endorsing their website. These are obviously expensive deals, and game companies want to show that they are trustworthy. Some best paying online casino sites often act as sponsors for major leagues or support an entire team. It helps the team grow and helps football become a more spectacular sport. The same goes for video games like Fifa and football, they usually have famous players on their cover or box.

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This is also very important for athletes, as they can now have additional sources of income and diversify their careers. They are no longer solely bound by their contract, but rather have their own personal gigs.

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Improved training

It's no surprise that today's football players are significantly more proficient than half a century or a century ago. Thanks to advances in technology, we have been able to measure progress and optimize training programs for better results. Athletes can diet more efficiently, increase endurance, run faster, and strike with precision. Today, there are even apps that help guide your exercise and tell you how to isolate a specific muscle group or how to practice ball techniques.

So if this stuff is publicly available, who knows what kind of secret recipes they keep in the league? Professional trainers do not share all of their ideas, as they are a crucial part of the formula for success. People are breaking records every year and the competition is tight. So, someone who is an average player today would easily have been one of early XNUMXth century football's MVPs.

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Too much focus on stats

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The games have also distorted our view of football matches and the way we rate teams. Football manager video games are almost as old as FIFA. Plus, they really allowed people to recreate their fantasies about how their favorite team would look. Someone who is a Manchester United fan is delighted when they hear Cristiano Ronaldo renewed his agreement. But, there are still other players they would like to see in their favorite team. That being said, Manager video games run on algorithms and statistics. This is how players receive the measurement or analysis of the team they have created.

These games have even spawned a whole new form of betting called fantasy sports, but again, the results are purely calculated via an algorithm. This leads to a false sense of security that you can guess the outcome of a certain match. In addition, you view the quality of the player base on the statistics available in the video game. Needless to say how this can lead to many frustrating situations, especially if you are betting on a team.

fair game

Match-fixing and bribed judges have plagued just about every competition. Fortunately, law enforcement and leagues have been able to suppress this behavior significantly. First of all, it is much more difficult to receive a bribe and easier to identify fraud, thanks to various technological advances. This acts as a deterrent because people know that it's not hard to get caught and lose your career.

In addition, we have better cameras and software capable of calculating the trajectory of the ball. This helps judges make more accurate assessments and can also indicate if a referee is really paying attention. Mistakes still happen, and there are unfair decisions, but they're not as prevalent as they used to be when this technology wasn't available.


As you can see, technology and video games have mostly had a positive impact on this sport. Moreover, it has made it possible for people who love football to participate in different types of competitions like eSports. Fifa game tournaments are held regularly, and these game competitions are also very popular these days. We must also remember that technology has helped the gambling industry give more accurate odds and even provide betting entertainment during the pandemic. When there were no live games, betting fans could only bet on fantasy sports and esports.

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