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Lionel Messi celebrated the same way as Diego Maradona

You can expect some remarkable photographs from the World Cup final to have been recorded as the world's attention has focused on one particular moment in Qatar.

A night like no other at the Lusail stadium was marked by Lionel Messi's official ascension to GOAT status and Kylian Mbappé's ultimately unsuccessful outburst.

After the official celebrations, Messi was hoisted on the shoulders of his compatriots.

The scenes bore a striking resemblance to the last time Argentina won the World Cup, in 1986.

On that day, an equally brilliant but diminutive number 10, Diego Maradona, was held aloft by his compatriots.

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Mass celebrations followed the triumph, in which Messi was elevated above the rest of his teammates while lifting the championship trophy.

Messi, 35, established his claim to be the greatest of all time (GOAT) by scoring twice in the 3-minute 3-120 draw before converting from the penalty spot to evoke the 1986 generation of Diego Maradona.

After the greatest World Cup final, Messi kissed the trophy and smiled, saying: "I was happy to have achieved almost everything - and what I was missing is here.

“I have had this trophy close to my heart all my life. I had always wanted to do this.

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