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NBA – One of the best sports in the world

To be enrolled in the National Basketball Association is the dream of every professional and aspiring basketball player. It started as the National Basketball League in 1937 before a rival league, the BAA, was created in 1946. The Basketball Association of America was created to compete with the NBL, but it could only do so during three seasons. Three years later, in 1949, the BAA merged with the NBL to form the National Basketball Association.

The training and playing schedule was an advantage for the NBL as the BAA had already been successful, although they achieved greater success through the merger. The NBA started with seventeen teams but fell to eight later in 1955 due to lack of revenue. Between the late 50s and 60s the league began to gain worldwide recognition, but the game did not revive until the 1979/1980 season.

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The NBA: The Story of Its Popularity and Success

In the BAA's first season, Henry Biasatti was the All-Star player; he played for the Toronto Huskies. He remained a household name, the only one, for seventeen years when Thomas Meschery came onto the scene in 1963. These two were the first two international players to make an All-Star Game. Today, several players were named in All-Star Games, four of which were non-Americans.

The NBA has become an international league where the United States is not the only nation to participate and win. During this time, the person responsible for this international reach was 1984 commissioner David Stern, who prioritized expanding the reach of the NBA. It was a good move, as we can see today, as the league became very popular, especially outside of the United States. As of 2020, the highest paid athletes in the world by average annual salary per player are NBA players.

The NBA belongs to the USA Basketball (USAB) recognized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). FIBA is the national governing body for American basketball games. The NBA is the third richest professional league in North America and among the top four in the world with the expansion of multiple platforms and the introduction of different new sports betting bonuses.

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NBA Teams:

The NBA started with eleven teams which grew to seventeen when the BAA and NBL merged. However, due to lack of funding, the number of teams dropped to eight shortly thereafter. Today, the professional basketball league is made up of thirty teams, including twenty-nine in the United States and one in Canada. The thirty teams are divided into two conferences, with each conference holding three divisions and five teams in one division.

The division of the team reflects the population of Canada and the United States as a whole. There are thirteen teams in the Eastern time zone, five in the Pacific, nine in the Central and three in the Mountain. In no particular order, the thirty teams in the National Basketball Association are:

  1. Boston Celtics
  2. brooklyn nets
  3. New York Knicks
  4. Chicago Bulls
  5. Indiana Pacers
  6. Milwaukee dollars
  7. Washington Wizards
  8. Utah Jazz
  9. Philadelphia 76ers
  10. The Cleveland Cavaliers
  11. Toronto Raptors
  12. Detroit Pistons
  13. Charlotte hornets
  14. Atlanta Hawks
  15. miami heat
  16. Orlando Magic
  17. Portland Trail Blazers
  18. Denver nuggets
  19. Minnesota Wolves
  20. Los Angeles Lakers
  21. Oklahoma City Thunder
  22. Phoenix Suns
  23. Golden State Warriors
  24. Sab Antonio Spurs
  25. Memphis Grizzlies
  26. New Orleans Pelicans
  27. kings of the sacrament
  28. Houston Rockets
  29. Los Angeles Clippers
  30. Houston Rockets

What the NBA regular season and playoffs look like

The NBA regular season begins in late October last week with eighty-two games for each team. Each team will play forty-one home and away games and face opponents from its division four times a year, for a total of sixteen games. Then each team will play six teams from the other two divisions four times and the other four three times. That is twenty-four games and twelve games played respectively.

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To complete the season, each team will face teams from the other conference in thirty games, twice each. Only the NBA schedules games on Christmas Day, and it dates back to 1947. Also, Christmas Day is a memorable day for the NBA; it broadcast its games for the first time on television. Playing on a holiday also means more viewership for NBA games, as some of the league's highest-rated games have taken place on that day.

Lebron James is now the first player in NBA history to make 16 All-NBA Teams, while leading the way with 13 All-NBA 1st Team selections.
Lebron James is now the first player in NBA history to make 16 All-NBA Teams while leading the way with 13 All-NBA 1st Team selections.

Meanwhile, the NBA playoffs begin at the end of the regular season in April. In the playoffs, the top eight teams from each conference will compete for the NBA Championship title. These games are like a tournament where each team plays in a best-of-seven series against an opponent.

The team that wins four games first advances to the next round and the other team is eliminated. The cycle will continue in this way until all but one have been eliminated. The last team standing wins the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy until the next playoffs. The teams with the most NBA championships to date are the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers, with seventeen championships each.


nba the games are undoubtedly some of the most popular in the sports industry. Although the league's TV viewership has plummeted, its popularity is still surging. Many talents graced and are still in the league that fans never tire of watching.

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