Where is the shale gas in Algeria?

Why do we use shale gas?

The main deposits of shale gas known in the world are located in the United States, Canada, Russia and China. In countries that exploit this resource, such as the United States, the shale gas is injected directly into the network of gas natural and is used for household energy consumption.

But why is shale gas dangerous? The first risk due to the exploitation of the shale gas is the issue of gas greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. The second risk is that of groundwater and air pollution.

Where is shale gas found?

Also We find wells on all continents of the planet, but the largest production reserves have been identified in China, Argentina, Algeria, the United States and Canada.

How is shale gas made? By metamorphosing in turn, the organic matter trapped in the shale give rise to a hydrocarbon, in this case the shale gas, whose composition is rich in methane, just like the gas propane.

Indeed, why is shale gas not exploited in France? The exploitation of shale gas is a risky activity, greedy in water, destructive of the landscape and polluting, in particular for the water tables. Indeed, the extraction technique used – hydraulic fracturing – consumes huge quantities of water (several thousand cubic meters for a well).

Why polluted shale gas?

The exploitation by hydraulic fracturing of shale gas deposits indeed releases hydrocarbons including methane and ethane, in a more or less constant ratio (between 9 to 12 times more methane than ethane). It is this property that they used to validate their hypothesis.

Which countries exploit shale gas?

Shale gas reserves are spread over all continents, but China, Argentina, Algeria and the United States are the largest holders in that order.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shale gas exploitation in France?

This gas is fully recoverable after extraction and no longer requires the addition of chemicals. On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of being expensive. Electric Fracturing is also an alternative.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shale gas exploitation in France?

The advantages of shale gas:

Financial: The exploitation of shale gas creates many jobs. Autonomy: The country produces its own energy, which can be considered more moral, rather than exploiting the resources of developing countries. Environmental: The whole debate is there.

What are the questionable consequences of the exploitation of shale gas?

Thanks to the exploitation of shale rocks, American gas and oil production exploded. And causes environmental damage in shambles: destruction of landscapes, water pollution, local earthquakes, disrupted migratory route of birds, methane emissions

What is the impact of natural gas on the environment?

In the rare cases of leakage from the networks, the natural gas does not entail any risk of an oil spill or soil contamination, but escapes through the air, which then has a negative impact on global warming, natural gas being none other than methane, an important greenhouse gas.

Who has the most oil in the world?

Classification of conventional reserves only 2012

Country Reserves in barrels
1 Venezuela (more info) 297 735 000 000
2 Saudi Arabia (more info) 265 850 000 000
3 Iran (more info) 157 300 000 000
4 Iraq (more info) 140 300 000 000

Who produces oil in the world?

Who are the biggest oil producers in 2020?

  • United States. The United States is the world's largest oil producer with 11,5 million barrels produced per day.
  • Russia.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Canada.
  • Iraq.
  • The rest of the top 10.

Is shale gas renewable?

Conclusion. In a period of scarcity of fossil resources, the choice, or not, to exploit the non-renewable resource of shale gas calls on political, industrial, societal and environmental criteria.

What is the name of the pipe that carries the gas?

gas pipelines: these are pipelines capable of transporting pressurized gas over long distances. They can be terrestrial or underwater.

Who exploits shale gas?

The countries with the largest shale gas are China, Argentina, Algeria and the United States. In Europe, France and Poland have the most important resources.

What is the name of the method of extracting shale gas which is prohibited in France but not in the USA?

A way to circumvent French law, which in 2011 banned hydraulic fracturing, allowing gas to be extracted from the basement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas?

First of all, natural gas has the particularity of being low in CO2, which is completely beneficial to the environment. The price of natural gas is also significantly lower than that of gasoline and remains very easy to exploit. The main disadvantage of natural gas is that it is a fossil fuel.

What are the risks associated with gas?

The risks are twofold. Poisoning due to poor gas combustion and the production of colorless and odorless carbon monoxide (CO); 100 to 150 people still die each year from asphyxiation(1). Gas leak which may cause, in the presence of a heat source, an explosion or fire.

How does gas pollute?

The least polluting of fossil fuels

The combustion of natural gas mainly emits water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2) in small quantities. A quality that allows it to generate 30 to 50% less CO2 emissions than other fuels.

Where is the most oil?

Venezuela has the largest reserves in the world, mainly in the form of extra-heavy oil and tar sands. Venezuela had 300,9 billion barrels of oil in proven reserves at the end of 2015, or 17,7% of proven reserves in the world(1).

When will the oil run out?

Peak oil is the moment when oil production reaches its maximum before gradually and durably declining. For many experts, peak oil is coming soon: 2025 for some, 2030 or 2035 for others. Peak oil will not fail to have consequences on the price of oil.

When will the end of oil be?

Finally, we are still discovering new deposits, such as in Alaska, in 2017, which would contain more than 1 billion barrels. According to the British company BP, the end of oil would therefore not be for tomorrow. According to her, the reserves would be sufficient to meet the current demand twice, until… 2050.

What is world oil production?

Every day, the world produces 95,62 million barrels of oil. This equates to more than 15,2 billion liters. Since 2014, the United States has become the world's largest oil producer ahead of Saudi Arabia, thanks in particular to the explosion of shale oil.

What is the world's largest oil producing country?

United States

This country is the largest oil producer in the world with nearly 18 million barrels per day.

Which country supplies the oil?

The United States has been ahead of Russia and Saudi Arabia, thanks to their production of unconventional hydrocarbons (shale gas). The United States is the first oil consuming and producing country in 2017 and 2018.

Why is gas not a renewable energy?

Whatever its origin, natural gas is a fossil energy, therefore available in limited quantities and, by definition, non-renewable on a human time scale. This gas comes from the natural transformation of organic, vegetable or animal matter contained in what is called a source rock.

How to distribute the gas?

Overland, natural gas is transported in gas pipelines via two operators: GRTgaz and Teréga. By sea, natural gas is transported in liquefied form by LNG carriers from the producing country to the French borders.

How does an oil pipeline work?

From a more technical point of view, it is necessary to equip oil pipelines with so-called pumping stations. This is a compressor station whose role is to compress the oil and raise it to a certain pressure — which can go up to 70 bars — so that it can be transported to its destination.

Which gas pipe for town gas?

The flexible tube exists for butane and propane gas in containers, inside diameter 6? mm compliant with standard NF XP D 36-110, and for natural gas and propane in the network, internal diameter 15 mm compliant with standard NF D 36-102.

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