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Where is the castle in 4 Weddings for a Honeymoon? Discover the filming locations of the show!

Where Is the Castle of 4 Weddings for a Honeymoon — Are you a fan of the show “4 Weddings for a Honeymoon” and are you wondering where the famous castle that hosts televised weddings is located? Do not search anymore ! In this article, we finally reveal the address of this emblematic place. Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of televised weddings and discover the well-kept secrets of these exceptional castles. Fasten your seat belts, because love is there and surprises are on the agenda!

Château de Nandy: A Window on Televised Love

Le Nandy castle, with its centuries-old stones and romantic gardens, has become an icon of French love thanks to its role as the main setting in the show “ 4 weddings for a honeymoon“. Nestled in the charming town of Nandy in Seine-et-Marne, this place saw couples come to celebrate the happiest day of their lives, under the eyes of millions of viewers.

A Place Full of History and Emotions

The notoriety of Nandy Castle is well established since it was chosen by ITV Studios France to become the setting for the finals of this flagship show broadcast on TF1. Every Friday, the castle opened its doors to host the festivities and the judgments which would decide the fate of the bride and groom competing to win the coveted honeymoon.

The Château de Santeny: New Chapter for Televised Weddings

However, nothing lasts forever, even in the world of television. From 2023, Santeny castle took over as the filming location for the show's finales on Fridays. A change of scenery that brings a new atmosphere, while preserving the essence of the show: the celebration of love and festive competition.

From International Trade to Bridal Expertise: Elodie Villemus

Elodie Villemus, the renowned wedding planner, brings a touch of expertise and credibility to the show. HAS 38 , she was able to impose her chic and elegant vision of marriage in France. After a career in International Commerce, she embarked on the nuptial adventure and became, in the space of 11 , a reference in the field of marriage.

A Hasty Departure: The Question of Broadcasting Rights

Despite the success, the show experienced a moment of uncertainty with the departure ofElodie, which occurred due to problems related to broadcasting rights. This turning point marked a break in the show's continuity, forcing producers to rethink certain aspects of the program to remain in harmony with legal requirements.

Adjusted Programming

As for the format of the show, it remains faithful to its origins. Lasting approximately 55 minutes, the program offers a competition that is both tender and sparkling between four brides who judge their respective big days to win the dream honeymoon. A concept that has captured the hearts of the French.

One Show, Multiple Filming Locations

From Monday to Thursday, the show travels to the City of brides, where each couple celebrates their union. It is only on Friday that the Château de Nandy, and now the Château de Santeny, become the scene of the long-awaited finals.

A Format That Evolves

The transition from the Château de Nandy to the Château de Santeny illustrates the show's ability to renew itself and remain dynamic. This evolution was an opportunity to redraw the contours of the program and continue to captivate an audience that is still fond of great stories and good-natured competitions.

Conclusion: Love as a Legacy

The Château de Nandy and the Château de Santeny, beyond their role in “ 4 weddings for a honeymoon", remain witnesses to the love and unions celebrated under their roof. These jewels of French architecture, thanks to the show, are now associated with unique moments of life and lasting memories for many couples.

A Cultural and Emotional Heritage

Ultimately, whether in Nandy or Santeny, these castles represent more than a television set. They embody the cultural and emotional richness of France, and will continue to inspire lovers, whether they are in front of the screen or hand in hand, walking towards the altar.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions about the Château de 4 Mariages for a Honeymoon

What is the castle of 4 Weddings for a Honeymoon?
Nandy Castle is the setting for the show 4 Weddings for a Honeymoon.

Where is the 4 Weddings for a Honeymoon castle located?
Nandy Castle is located in Nandy in Seine-et-Marne.

Who produces the show 4 Weddings for a Honeymoon?
The show is produced by ITV Studios France.

How long is the show 4 Weddings for a Honeymoon?
The duration of the show is approximately 55 minutes.

What is the new filming location for the show since 2023?
Since 2023, the new filming location for the show has been the Château de Santeny.

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