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Why did Julien Cohen leave Affaire Conclue? Discover his new adventures in the world of flea markets

Why We No Longer See Julien In Done Deal: Why don't we see Julien anymore in Affaire Conclude? Find out what's behind Julien Cohen's departure from the hit show and dive into the new adventures that await him. A constantly evolving world of flea markets, a legacy left behind, but above all a promising future. Stay with us to learn all about this end of an era and the beginning of a new era in the fascinating world of Affaire Conclue.

The Departure of Julien Cohen, Deal Done

Julien Cohen, one of the emblematic faces of the show “Affaire Conclue” broadcast on France 2, made an impression for more than four years thanks to his expertise and charisma. However, in December 2021, viewers had to say goodbye to this flagship buyer who decided to put an end to this television adventure. But what is the reason behind this departure that has caused so much discussion?

A carefully considered decision

Julien's decision to leave “Affaire Conclue” was not taken lightly. After contributing to the success of the show, he chose to devote himself to new horizons. To his credit, Julien Cohen not only counts his television appearances, but also a prosperous entrepreneurial career that began with a stroke of brilliance at backgammon at the age of 18, allowing him to win his first million and then launch his own business.

A devouring passion for flea markets

Passionate about the world of flea markets, Julien Cohen opened his fourth flea market house in a former hospice in Châteaudun in June 2023. This ambitious project reflects his commitment and his love for the flea market profession, and offers him a new stage for share your passion.

The New Adventures of Julien Cohen

If Julien Cohen left “Affaire Conclue”, it is also to embark on projects that are close to his heart. His life after the show is rich in initiatives, both in the professional and personal sphere.

A balance between professional and family life

In March 2022, Julien made the decision to withdraw from the show to also enjoy his family life more. This balance between private and professional life is crucial for the former buyer, who wishes to devote time to his loved ones while pursuing his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Projects galore

In addition to managing his flea market houses, Julien Cohen is preparing the launch of a magazine dedicated to the world of flea markets. This media project comes in addition to the design of a new television program, the details of which still remain shrouded in mystery. This diversification testifies to the entrepreneurial spirit and boundless creativity of Julien Cohen.

The End of an Era and the Beginning of a New

The show “Affaire Conclue” was the scene of many changes during the year 2023. With the departure of Julien Cohen, but also that of Sophie Davant, who hosted the show brilliantly for six years, it is a page that turns for loyal spectators.

Sophie Davant’s goodbye

Sophie Davant announced her departure from the show on June 1, to devote herself to new adventures on Europe 1, saying goodbye to television on July 13. Her departure marks the end of an era for “Affaire Conclue”, but also opens the way to new opportunities for the host.

The Flea Market, A Universe in Constant Evolution

The world of flea markets, to which Julien Cohen is so attached, is a world in constant evolution. Each flea market, each object has a story to tell, and it is this richness that Julien wishes to explore further through his various projects.

The fourth house of second-hand dealers by Julien Cohen

Julien's latest initiative is the opening of his fourth second-hand shop in Châteaudun. This place is intended to be a meeting and sharing space for flea market enthusiasts, where the history of the objects mixes with that of the people who hunt for them.

A magazine to share your passion

The magazine in preparation is another way for Julien Cohen to convey his love for flea markets. Through this medium, he will be able to reach an even wider audience, by sharing his knowledge, his tips and the fascinating stories behind each ancient object.

Conclusion: A Promising Future

Julien Cohen, through his expertise and his charismatic personality, left an indelible mark on the show “Affaire Conclue”. His departure opens a new era for him, where he will be able to fully flourish in his passions and his projects. The world of flea markets and television has certainly not finished hearing about Julien Cohen, a man whose career is as rich and varied as the objects he loves so much.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions about Why We No Longer See Julien in Concluded Deal?

Q: Why does Julien Cohen no longer appear in Affaire Conclue?

A: Julien Cohen decided to end his participation in Affaire Conclue in December 2021 to devote himself to other personal and professional projects.

Q: Where is Julien Cohen today?

A: Julien Cohen is now devoting himself to his family life and a major new project: second-hand dealers’ houses. He is also developing a magazine dedicated to flea markets and a new television program.

Q: Why did Julien Cohen leave Affaire Conclue?

A: Julien Cohen left Affaire Conclue to have more time for his personal and professional projects, in particular the launch of a magazine dedicated to flea markets and the development of a new television program.

Q: When did Julien Cohen leave Affaire Conclue?

A: Julien Cohen left Affaire Conclue in December 2021.

Q: What are Julien Cohen’s other projects?

A: In addition to devoting himself to his family life, Julien Cohen is developing a magazine dedicated to flea markets and is working on a new television program, the details of which have not yet been revealed.

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