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What degree do you need to become a Super Nanny? Discover the training path to become an expert in child education.

What degree do you need to become a Super Nanny? Discover the training path to become an expert in child education.: Are you fascinated by the wonderful world of Super Nanny and wondering what diploma you need to join their ranks? Do not search anymore ! In this article, we reveal everything about the training course of our dear Super Nanny. Prepare to be amazed by the different paths they took to become true education experts. So fasten your seat belts and let yourself be guided into the exciting world of Super Nanny!

The training course to become a Super Nanny

France's first Super Nanny, Cathy Sarraï, demonstrated that specialized training was essential to excel in the role of educator with children. She had acquired a Certificate of Professional Aptitude in Early Childhood and a childminder diploma, attesting to her skills and ability to manage the challenges linked to the education of young people.

The importance of specialized training

Despite the fact that the role of Super Nanny does not require a specific diploma to apply, training and expertise in early childhood are undeniably an asset. Educational techniques and understanding of child development are crucial to effectively helping parents.

Sylvie Jenaly, a Super Nanny from the hotel industry

Sylvie Jenaly, who took up the torch of Super Nanny in France, comes from a different universe. Her career in the hotel industry initially guided her towards the career of housekeeper in luxury institutions. However, it was her management know-how and customer service experience that prepared her to handle complex family situations.

Transferability of skills

Sylvie Jenaly perfectly illustrates how skills acquired in one sector can be transferred and applied in the field of education and parental support. Her atypical background contributes to her own method and approach to the Super Nanny.

The missions of a Super Nanny

The Super Nanny job extends beyond simple childcare. This involves providing concrete support to parents in difficulty, by teaching them educational techniques and establishing a harmonious and structured living environment for the children.

Educational techniques and family support

Whether it is Cathy Sarraï or Sylvie Jenaly, Super Nanny offers personalized support, adapted to the specific needs of each family. She demonstrates great adaptability and an ability to establish rules and routines that promote family balance.

Remuneration of a Super Nanny

The salary of a Super Nanny, which can vary from €3000 to €6000, depends on many factors such as experience, reputation, or the complexity of the cases handled. This underlines the value and importance of the role played by these educational professionals.

Factors influencing salary

Remuneration may be impacted by the level of difficulty of family situations, the reputation of the Super Nanny, as well as the results obtained and the satisfaction of the families supported.

Tribute to Cathy Sarraï

Cathy Sarraï, who played the very first Super Nanny on M6 and became an emblematic figure of the show, passed away at the age of 47. His dedication and professionalism have left their mark and continue to inspire educators across the country.

The legacy of a pioneer

The disappearance of Cathy Sarraï has left a great void in the hearts of many viewers and early childhood professionals. Her caring and effective approach remains a model for today’s Super Nannies.

How to apply to become a Super Nanny?

For those who aspire to follow in the footsteps of Cathy Sarraï and Sylvie Jenaly, applications to become Super Nanny can be submitted via a private message on the Super Nanny official Facebook page or by calling 01-46-21-88-15. An opportunity to enter a career that is as rewarding as it is demanding.

Selection process

The selection process to play Super Nanny is rigorous, seeking to identify candidates with a real vocation for education and a deep sense of commitment to families.

Life and residence of Super Nanny Sylvie

Sylvie Jenaly, mother of two children, chose to settle down in Haute-Savoie. This life choice reflects the quest for balance between his hectic professional life and his family sphere.

Balancing professional and personal life

Just like the families she helps, Sylvie Jenaly faces the challenge of reconciling her life as a Super Nanny with that of a mother and wife. A challenge met brilliantly, demonstrating that balance is possible, even in the most demanding careers.


Becoming a Super Nanny is a unique journey, often dictated by a passion for the education and well-being of children. Whether you come from a specialized background or from a completely different professional background, what matters above all is the ability to provide real and effective support to families. The examples of Cathy Sarraï and Sylvie Jenaly demonstrate the diversity of possible paths and the profound impact that a Super Nanny can have on the families she supports. It is a profession of heart, dedication and inestimable wealth.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions about the Super Nanny diploma

What degree did Super Nanny get?
Super Nanny, also known as Cathy, obtained a professional aptitude certificate for early childhood, followed by a childcare assistant diploma.

What training did Super Nanny follow?
Super Nanny, or Sylvie Jenaly, trained in the hotel industry at the Lausanne school. She was destined to become a governess for luxurious institutions.

What is Super Nanny called in France?
Super Nanny is better known under the pseudonym Cathy. Its name can also be spelled Kalthoum Sarray, Caltoum Sarraï or Cahltoum Sarray.

Where does Super Nanny live?
Super Nanny, who is also the mother of two children, lives in Haute-Savoie.

Who was the first Super Nanny in France?
The first Super Nanny on French television was Cathy Sarraï. She appeared for the first time in 2005 in the reality TV show Super Nanny broadcast on the M6 ​​channel.

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