Which is the richest country between Ivory Coast and Cameroon?
Which is the richest country between Ivory Coast and Cameroon?

Which is the richest country between Ivory Coast and Cameroon?

Both Côte d'Ivoire and Cameroon are resource-rich countries. But which of the two is richer?

To find out, you have to compare their GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita. Ivory Coast has a GDP per capita of $1, while Cameroon has $890. This means that, on average, each Ivorian has $1730 per year, compared to $1890 for Cameroonians.

So, although Cameroon has a slightly higher total GDP than Côte d'Ivoire ($50,8 billion versus $49,4 billion), Côte d'Ivoire is actually the wealthier country of the two. .

Which is the richest country between Ivory Coast and Cameroon?

With a GDP of $49,4 billion, or nearly 29 billion FCFA, Côte d'Ivoire confirms its status as the leading economy in WAEMU, but is, within ECOWAS, far behind Nigeria, which sits in top of the ranking and Ghana, an oil country whose wealth is estimated at $300 billion.

Côte d'Ivoire: GDP on the rise thanks to the agricultural and industrial sectors

Côte d'Ivoire has experienced sustained economic growth in recent years, thanks in particular to the agricultural sector and industry. The country's GDP thus increased by 6,8% in 2016 and 7,4% in 2017. This good performance is due in particular to the increase in agricultural production (cocoa, coffee, cashew) and industrial production (textiles, chemistry, metallurgy). Côte d'Ivoire is also the world's leading producer of cocoa and the second largest producer of coffee.

Tourism, a booming sector

Tourism is another booming sector in Côte d'Ivoire. The country has indeed many tourist assets, including sandy beaches, tropical forests, national parks, etc. Côte d'Ivoire welcomed 2,3 million tourists in 2017, an increase of 10% compared to 2016. The country is now aiming for 3 million tourists in 2020.

Côte d'Ivoire, the world's leading cocoa producing country

Côte d'Ivoire is the world's leading cocoa producing country, with production of 1,6 million tonnes in 2017-2018. Cocoa accounts for around 15% of the country's GDP and employs over 2 million people. Côte d'Ivoire mainly exports its cocoa to France, the United States, Italy, Germany and Japan.

Cameroon, a developing country

Cameroon is a developing country located in Central Africa. The country has 24 million inhabitants and a GDP of 31,4 billion dollars. Cameroon is a member of ECOWAS and UEMOA. The country is mainly oriented towards agriculture, which represents around 25% of the GDP. Cameroon notably produces coffee, cocoa, cotton, tobacco, cassava, rice, corn, oil palm, tea, etc. Tourism is also a booming sector, with around 1,5 million tourists in 2017.

Which country will face Cameroon?

Cameroon and Gambia will meet in the quarter-finals next Saturday at the Olembé stadium. This is a very important game for both teams as it will determine who will face Nigeria in the semi-finals.

Cameroon is a very experienced team, which has already participated in many African Nations Cups. Gambia, on the other hand, is a slightly younger team, but has already shown great things during this tournament.

Cameroon have had a rather difficult run so far. Indeed, they had great difficulty winning against Guinea and Mali, two teams that were eliminated in the first round. Fortunately, they were able to recover and managed to beat Ghana in the pool match.

The Gambia, on the other hand, had an easier course. Indeed, it easily beat Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe, before winning against DR Congo in a pool match.

It is therefore a very important match that is being prepared. Cameroon will have to give everything to qualify, because they know it will not be easy. Gambia, meanwhile, will try to surprise their opponent and qualify for the semi-finals.

What is the poorest country in Africa?

Burundi is the poorest country on the African continent, with a GDP per capita of $269 in 2022. Burundi is followed by Niger ($276), Chad ($280) and Mali ($283). The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the 5th poorest country in Africa, with a GDP per capita of $296.

In the world, according to the IMF, Burundi is the poorest country in terms of GDP per capita with 269 dollars in 2022. The DRC ranks 158th with 727 dollars per capita and Mali 173rd with 622 dollars per capita. .

Africa is the poorest continent in the world, with a GDP per capita of $1,66 in 2017. In 2022, according to the IMF, Africa's GDP per capita will be $1,73.

What is the most beautiful city in Cameroon?

There are many beautiful towns in Cameroon, but Foumban is undoubtedly the most beautiful. This city is the cradle of the arts in Cameroon, and there are many museums, art galleries and monuments. The city is also known for its many festivals, including the Foumban International Music Festival, which is the largest in the country. The inhabitants of Foumban are extremely proud of their city and will welcome you warmly. If you are looking to experience the beauty and culture of Cameroon, Foumban is the city for you.

What is the rank of the Ivory Coast in Africa?

With a life expectancy at birth of just over 57 years (3 years less than the sub-Saharan average), the country ranks 162nd out of 189 in the UNDP's 2020 HDI ranking. Côte d'Ivoire has experienced strong economic growth for several years, but this has not been sufficient to enable the country to catch up in terms of human development. Indeed, despite an average GDP growth of 8,5% per year between 2010 and 2018, the country only progressed by 2 places in the HDI ranking between 2010 and 2020.

Côte d'Ivoire is the 6th most populous country in Africa with 26 million inhabitants. The population is young, with an average age of 20 years. The fertility rate is high, with 5,4 children per woman on average. Côte d'Ivoire is the 2nd most urbanized country in Africa, with 58% of its population living in cities. Abidjan is the country's economic capital and largest city, with 4,7 million inhabitants.

The country faces many challenges in terms of development. Poverty is endemic, with 47% of the population living below the national poverty line ($2 PPP per day) and 24% living below the extreme poverty line ($1,90 PPP per day). The illiteracy rate is high, with more than half of the adult population (15 years and older) being illiterate. In addition, the country faces significant inequalities, particularly between urban and rural areas, men and women, and majority and minority ethnic groups.

Despite these challenges, Côte d'Ivoire has made significant progress in human development in recent years. The infant mortality rate was halved between 2010 and 2018, from 74 to 37 per 1000 live births. The school enrollment rate increased significantly from 74% in 2010 to 85% in 2018. In addition, the country managed to reduce illiteracy significantly, from 61% in 2010 to 52% in 2018.

Is Cameroon qualified?

It's over ! After an unlikely scenario, Cameroon qualifies for the 2022 World Cup.

Cameroon finished the group stage of CAN 2021 in second place in its group F, behind Mali and ahead of Burkina Faso. After losing their first game against Mali (0-1), the Indomitable Lionesses then beat Burkina Faso (2-1) and Ghana (2-0).

In the quarter-finals, Cameroon then eliminated Nigeria (2-1), before being eliminated by DR Congo (1-0) in the semi-finals. However, thanks to third place, Cameroon qualifies for the 2022 World Cup.

This is the first time that Cameroon will participate in the Women's World Cup. The Indomitable Lionesses will face England, Argentina and Japan in Group E.

Does Cameroon qualify?

World Cup in Qatar: Cameroon beats Algeria (2-1 ap) at the last second and wins its ticket for the World Cup, the list of qualified this Tuesday evening At the end of a scenario of madness, Cameroon qualifies for the 2022 World Cup.

Cameroon beat Algeria (2-1 ap) this Tuesday evening at the last second, at the Stade Ahmadou Ahidjo in Yaoundé, and won their ticket for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. A goal from Stéphane Bahoken, in the 90+5th minute, allowed the Indomitable Lions to reverse the situation and take second place in Group D, behind Mali (6 points), qualified directly for the World Cup. Algeria (5 points) was eliminated.

Cameroon, which had lost its first match against Mali (0-1), then beat Egypt (2-0) and Uganda (1-0) before receiving Algeria on Tuesday. The Fennecs led for a long time thanks to a goal from Baghdad Bounedjah in the 34th minute. But the Indomitable Lions were able to come back and equalized in the 79th minute with a goal from Clinton Njie. In the 90+5th minute, Bahoken then gave victory to Cameroon, qualified for the seventh time in its history for the World Cup.

Cameroon will thus join Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal, who have already validated their ticket for Qatar. The list of 32 qualified for the 2022 World Cup will be completed this evening with the last matches of the qualifying phase. Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Cape Verde, who will play their last matches tonight, can still hope to qualify.

Will the Algeria Cameroon match be replayed?

Official Conversation: the Algeria – Cameroon match will not be replayed! The Fennecs will therefore not participate in the World Cup in Qatar!

Côte d'Ivoire is richer than Cameroon in terms of GDP per capita. This means that, on average, each Ivorian has 1890 dollars per year, compared to 1730 for Cameroonians. So, although Cameroon has a slightly higher total GDP than Côte d'Ivoire, Côte d'Ivoire is actually the wealthier country of the two.

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