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What is the origin of Jul? Discover the Marseille roots of the musical phenomenon

What Is the Origin of Jul — What is the origin of Jul? This is a question that intrigues many admirers of this musical phenomenon. Well, get ready to delve into the Marseille roots of this talented artist! From his first steps on the football pitch to the recording studios, Jul has drawn on his local inspiration to create a unique style that has captured the hearts of millions of fans. In this article, we'll explore Jul's fascinating story and discover how he became a musical phenomenon. Hold on tight, because you won't want to miss this dive into Jul's captivating world!

Jul's Marseille roots

Jul, whose real name is Julien Mari, is an emblematic figure of French rap, whose origins are deeply rooted in the Marseille city. Born on January 14, 1990, he was born and raised in the Saint-Jean-du-Désert district of Marseille, a place that shaped his identity and his art. It was in this dynamic and lively neighborhood that Jul began to express his musical talent at the age of 12, influenced by the urban sounds and culture that surrounded him.

A family heritage anchored in Corsica

Jul's paternal side's family comes from Cargèse, a town located in Corsica. This island heritage, with its traditions and rich history, has certainly contributed to the richness of its musical universe. The duality between his Corsican roots and his experience in Marseille offers Jul a range of nuances to explore in his texts.

From football fields to recording studios

Before fully launching into music, Jul attended La Commanderie, the Olympique de Marseille training center, between the ages of 14 and 16. His passion for football could have led him towards a sporting career, but it was ultimately towards music that his heart leaned. This episode in his life testifies to a versatility and determination which are also reflected in his artistic career.

Music as a vocation

After being excluded from his sales BEP and doing odd jobs, Jul made the decisive decision to devote himself entirely to music. It is this resilience and this ability to reinvent oneself that have forged the rapper we know today, an artist who never ceases to surprise and renew himself.

Powerful local inspiration

Jul grew up admiring the big names of Marseille rap like Psy 4 de la Rime and the Fonky Family. These iconic groups greatly influenced young Jul, instilling in him a love of words and rhythm. It is within this bubbling atmosphere that Jul developed his unique style, both authentic and full of energy.

Jul and Marseille, an unwavering love story

Despite his national and international success, Jul remains faithful to his hometown. “For me, it’s Marseille,” he says. Still resident and active in his hometown, he draws inspiration for his works from his daily environment. The Mediterranean metropolis is not only a place of life for Jul, it is a constant source of creativity.

The beginnings of a phenomenon

Jul's first title, "Sors le cross loup", was released in November 2013, marking the start of his solo adventure after evolving in the group Ghetto Phénomène under the pseudonym "Juliano". This single laid the foundations for what would become a prolific career, filled with hits and success.

A dazzling success

Jul’s best-known sound, “Comme les gens d’ici,” is an anthem to her city and its people. It perfectly illustrates the artist's attachment to his roots and his desire to represent his community through his music. With his characteristic style combining catchy melodies and sincere lyrics, Jul has captured the hearts of a loyal and diverse audience.


Jul is a complete artist whose Marseille origins and Corsican heritage are omnipresent in his music. His trajectory, from his childhood in the Saint-Jean-du-Désert district to his consecration as a renowned rapper, testifies to authenticity and loyalty to his roots. His journey inspires and shows that with talent, perseverance and a strong identity, it is possible to reach the stars while remaining deeply attached to one's native land.

FAQ & Frequently Asked Questions about the origin of Jul

1. What is the origin of Jul?
Jul comes from the Louis-Loucheur neighborhood in the Saint-Jean-du-Désert district of Marseille. His father's family comes from Cargèse in Corsica.

2. Where does Jul live?
Jul still lives in Marseille, his hometown. Despite his success, he does not intend to leave his hometown.

3. Who is Jul's brother?
It is not mentioned in the facts provided who Jul's brother is.

4. Where does Jul live now?
Jul still lives in Marseille. He seems to have a strong attachment to his city and travels very little.

5. At what age did Jul start rapping?
Jul started rapping at the age of 12.

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