Who created the Puy du Fou?

When the castle of Puy du Fou was discovered on June 13, 1977, it was nothing more than ruins and nettles. 40 years later the Puy du Fou, created by Philippe De Villiers, is hailed as a worldwide success with more than 2.2 million visitors each year. Here are the milestones of 40 years of history…

moreover, how was the Puy du Fou born?

In 1977, Philippe de Villiers, then a student, had the idea of ​​creating a great show like a film, which would tell the story of the French department of Vendée. The scenario then extends to the entire history of France and the first Cinéscénie was born.

Why this name of Puy du Fou? the Puy du Fou is the name of the locality where the “Cinéscénie” castle is located as well as the Grand Parc. ... puy = hill, fou = beech> The etymology, from the Latin podium (height, hill) and fagus (beech), leads to interpret the toponym of Puy du Fou like "beech hill" or "beech summit".

Moreover, who are the actors of Puy du Fou?

Puy du Fou

  • Zabhou DelaRime. They is strong, bravo to all, I had an unforgettable moment !! ...
  • Lolofrog Green. My daughter works there as a dancer and she is totally fulfilled and happy to be there. ...
  • Peggy Lmn. ...
  • Cindy Guffroy. ...
  • Harlingue Nicolas. ...
  • Valentin Richard. ...
  • Manon Gemin. ...
  • Elsa Chouteau.

Where does the Puy du Fou money go?

The benefits are purely and simply reinvested to allow the park to renew itself each year. All recipes from Puy du Fou are managed by the parent company, SAS Grand Parc du Puy du Fou, chaired by Nicolas De Villiers.

Which shows should be seen in priority at Puy du Fou?

The best shows du Puy du Fou

  1. The Cinesceny. La Cinéscénie is nothing less than the greatest show nocturnal in the world. ...
  2. The Sign of Triumph. ...
  3. The Marriage of Fire. ...
  4. The Vikings. ...
  5. The Secret of the Lance. ...
  6. The Last Panache. ...
  7. The Knights of the Round Table. ...
  8. Musketeer of Richelieu.

How do the actors get out of the water at Puy du Fou?

Le Puy du Fou on the front side, it is first and foremost a real scenic feat, supported by high-level technologies and know-how. They manage to make emerge, for example, a longship and its sailors from a lake, during the show Les Vikings (but how to do they breathe under thewater ?).

Who are the Puy du Fou volunteers?

Au Puy du Fou, 3 500 volunteers, 1 of whom are under 500, participate in each Cinéscénie show. Many of them is originating in the Vendée region, but we also note which more and more former spectators, coming from all over France, apply to be volunteers.

How is the Puy du Fou financed?

Since its creation in 1977, the Puy du Fou does not have any shareholders and does not receive a cent of public money. This adventure remains, today as at the beginning, a 100% self-financing private initiative.

What is the turnover of Puy du Fou?

2 visitors (+ 220%), a turnover over 100 million euros in 2016 (+ 21%) and daring investments: on the strength of its success, the Puy du Fou a spectacular future is brewing. In 10 years, the number of visitors has increased by 184% and the Puy du Fou turnover has more than tripled.

Which region is Puy du Fou?

Find here all the information you need to get to the Puy du Fou. THE Puy du Fou is located in the department of Vendée (85), in the town of Épesses and is accessible via the A87 motorway (exit n°28).

How to properly organize your day at Puy du Fou?

A great way to save time and power organize your day well at Puy du Fou is to subscribe to the Emotion Pass: not only does it allow you to take advantage of the best seats in the various stands, but in addition, it is skip-the-line!

What is the best show at Puy du Fou?

Le Puy du Fou wins the first international prize of the " Best Show of the Year ”for its original 2019 creation“ The First Kingdom ”, awarded at the Park World Excellence Awards 2019, during the IAAPA Expo Europe, here s'is held from September 16 to 19, 2019 in Paris.

How to dress to go to Puy du Fou?

It is therefore preferable to opt for comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Finally, the evenings being sometimes cool, we also advise you to bring warm clothes to attend the night show "Les Orgues de Feu". See you soon at Puy du Fou !

How to book a restaurant at Puy du Fou?

We advise you to book your meals at the same time as your Grand Parc tickets, on our website or by contacting our teams on 0 820 09 10 10 (0,12 € / min - from a landline).

How to be a volunteer at Puy du Fou?

For those who would be interested in participating, you should know that it is very hard to enter the very closed circle of puyfolais: you send your request to the secretariat of the association of Puy du Fou, either by telephone on 0 820 09 10 10, or by post (address: 30, rue Georges Clemenceau, BP 25, ...

What salary at Puy du Fou?

Au Puy du Fou, we work from morning to evening, weekends included. For a salary well below minimum wage. But if you are looking for a temporary place during school holidays, the working environment is very friendly.

When to book the Puy du Fou for 2021?

Opening of 2021 reservations

Small change this year, it's the second Monday of the month that marked the official kickoff de the sale de tickets for 2021. Since Monday, October 12, 2020 you can book the first Grand Parc tickets and de la Cinéscénie, or your next stay at Puy du Fou !

When to book Puy du Fou 2022?

Like last year, it is the second Monday in October that the ticket office opens officially for next year. Meet on Monday, October 11, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to start book the first tickets for the Grand Parc and the Cinescenie 2022 !

What is the turnover?

Le turnover represents the amount of business (excluding taxes) carried out by a statistical unit (company, legal unit) with third parties in the exercise of its normal and current professional activity.

When to go to Puy du Fou?

Le Puy du Fou is generally open from April to November. In terms of climate, take advantage of rather favorable weather in May, June, September and October.

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