Who won the World Cup in 2006 between France and Italy?

Result and summary Italy - France, world Cup, Final, Sunday 09 July 2006. 07 ′ Z. Zidane (sp) L 'Italy wins his fourth world Cup after a session de shots on goal where only Trezeguet missed his penalty, hitting the crossbar.

Second, Who was the top scorer at the 2002 World Cup?

World Cup scorers ranking 2002

1 Ronaldo Brazil 8
2 Miroslav Klose Germany 5
- Rivaldo Brazil 5
4 Jon Dahl Tomasson Denmark 4

In addition, which player from the Italy team scored the tying goal against France in the 2006 FIFA World Cup final?

It is the most famous bowling in the history of soccer global. July 9 2006, at the 107th minute of the world cup final between France and l'Italy (the score was then 1-1) in Berlin, Zinedine Zidane head butted Marco Materazzi in the chest.

So Who won the 2020 World Cup? The world Cup FIFA clubs 2020 is the 17 e edition of the world Cup FIFA clubs.
world Cup FIFA clubs 2020 .

Title holder Liverpool FC (1)
Winner Bayern Munich (2)
Second Tigers UANL
Third Al Ahly SC
Best player Robert Lewandowski

Who won the 20010 World Cup?

La world Cup 2010 is the nineteenth edition of the world Cup of football. It took place from June 11 to July 11, 2010 in South Africa and was won by Spain.

Who is the best player at the 2002 World Cup?

FIFA World Cup 2002

Title holder France (1)
Red cards 17 (avg: 0.27)
Best player Oliver Kahn
Better scorer (s) Ronaldo (8 goals)
Better ferryman (s) Michael Ballack (4 assists)

Who is the greatest goalscorer in soccer history?


Name Nationality Club
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Real Madrid CF
Lionel Messi Argentina FC Barcelone
Jimmy McGrory Scotland Celtic Glasgow
Ferenc Deak Hungary Ferencvaros TC

Who is the top scorer at the 1998 World Cup?

World Cup scorers ranking 1998

1 Davor Suker Croatia 7
2 Gabriel Batistuta Argentina 5
- Christian Vieri Italy 5
4 Ronaldo Brazil 7

Who commented on France-italie 2006?

Horacio Elizondo, the referee of France-Italy in the World Cup final 2006, admitted to having expelled Zinedine Zidane without having seen his header on Marco Materazzi.

Which country won the soccer world cup?

The current title holder is France, winner in 2018, against Croatia.

Who won the 2021 European Cup?

Italy therefore finally became Champion ofEurope of football by winning the final against England on July 11 2021, in a battered Wembley stadium.

Which teams have won the World Cup?


  • 5 Brazil 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 20021950 1998, XNUMX.
  • 4 Germany 1954, 1974, 1990, 20141966, 1982, 1986, 2002.
  • 4 Italy1934, 1938, 1982, 20061970, 1994.
  • 2 Argentina 1978, 19861930, 1990, 2014.
  • 2France1998, 20182006.
  • 2 Uruguay 1930, 1950.
  • 1England1966.
  • 1Spain2010.

Which country has won the World Cup the most?

Le country organizer of the 2014 edition, Brazil holds the record for victories in the event with 5 coronations. Yet Brazil had to wait to experience its first triumph, in 1958. Led by Pelé, the Brazilians still prevail in 1962 and 1970. More recently they won in 1994 and 2002.

Who is the best player at the 2010 World Cup?

Uruguayan Diego Forlan has been named best player of the World 2010.

Who won the 2008 World Cup?

Beach Soccer World Cup 2008

Winner Brazil (12)
Finalist Italy
Third Portugal
Buts 258 (mean 8,06)
Best player Amarelle

Who has scored the most goals in 2021?

EUROPE, 5 major countries - Year 2021

E.g. Player Buts
1. R. LEWANDOWSKI 31 (7p.)
2. E.HAALAND 29 (3p.)
3. L. MESSI 28 (2p.)
. K. MBAPPE 28 (4p.)

Who is the top scorer in football history in 2021?

17 years later, CR7 continues to panic the opposing defenses and shake the nets. With 5 goals in this edition 2021, he also took the lead of ranking of scorers. So Cristiano.

Who is the best 9 ever?

Alan Shearer (1996)

Where did the 98 World Cup go?

La world Cup of football 1998 is the sixteenth edition of the world Cup football and takes place in France from June 10 to July 12 1998 .

Who is the top scorer at Euro 2016?

Antoine Griezmann: top scorer at EURO 2016. Watch the France team striker's six goals in a memorable tournament on his home turf.

Why is the 2022 FIFA World Cup a problem?

A new study by the British daily, published in February, overwhelmed the coupe by counting - for only a part of the foreign nationals - 6 deaths of migrant workers for ten years in the emirate. Twenty months from the kickoff, a boycott remains very unlikely.

Who won Euro 2002?

In the final, on July 2, 2000 in Rotterdam, France beat Italy 2-1 and won the tournament thanks to David Trezeguet's "golden goal" scored during extra time.
2000 European Football Championship.

Title holder Germany (3)
Finalist Italy
Semifinalists Portugal Netherlands
Buts 85 (mean 2,74)
Best player Zinedine Zidane

What year did the Italians win the World Cup?

Our selection Italian is, behind the Brazilian team, and with Germany, one of the three national teams with the most victories in world Cup : four, in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006. She also reached the final in 1970 and 1994, both lost to Brazil.


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