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Who is the highest paid presenter in France?

Are you curious to know who is the highest paid presenter in France? You are not alone ! In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of French television and discover the big names behind the screens. Prepare to be surprised by the astronomical earnings of these star entertainers. Buckle up, because we're going to reveal the numbers that are turning heads in the small screen industry.

The Big Names of French Television and Their Income

French television is full of emblematic personalities whose programs punctuate the daily lives of viewers. But behind the small screen, these stars are also real business leaders, often generating considerable income. Let's find out together who rises to the top of the financial pyramid of French animators.

The Heavy Weight of Television Earnings

Jean-Luc Reichmann, a key figure in the PAF (Paysage Audiovisuel Français), is the highest paid host on French television. His career, marked by success, has allowed him to build a solid reputation and certain financial comfort. But what do we know about his tastes in automobiles? The presenter does not hide his passion for beautiful mechanics and appears at the wheel of the Ford Mustang, a childhood dream come true.

Television Leading Figures and Their Emolument

In terms of remuneration, Michel Drucker et Jean-Pierre Pernaut occupy enviable positions. Drucker, at the helm of “Vivement Dimanche” for more than two decades, benefits from a monthly salary of 40 000 euros. Pernaut, meanwhile, was the highest paid news anchor with around 50 000 euros per month, before leaving the 13 p.m. news on TF1.

The Production Giants

Animators' income does not come only from their television appearances. Michel Drucker runs his own production company, DMD, whose annual turnover is around 10 million euros. For its part, Cyril Hanouna surpasses all its peers with an astronomical annual gain of 50 million thanks to its broadcasts for the Canal+ group.

The Stars of Annual Events

Jean-Pierre Foucault, undisputed master of Miss France ceremonies, perceives 35 euros gross with each edition. These events, eagerly awaited by the public, are a significant source of income for this show business veteran.

Public Favorites and Their Remuneration

Charismatic and always smiling, Cyril Féraud is the host of the game show “Slam”. With his natural ease, he won the hearts of the public and pocketed approximately 600 euros per issue. With twenty monthly recordings, he ensures a monthly salary of approximately 12 000 euros.

The Competition of Fortunes

The duel of fortunes between animators is a fascinating subject. For the year 2016-2017, Cyril Hanouna positioned himself above his colleague Arthur in terms of turnover in France, consolidating his status as a prodigious presenter.

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Top Salaries in Conclusion

The world of television is a world where talent and popularity are often rewarded with incredible salaries. These emblematic figures of French entertainment continue to captivate audiences, while building real financial empires. At the top of the list, Jean-Luc Reichmann, Cyril Hanouna and Michel Drucker stand out as the big winners in this lucrative industry.

As spectators, we are often far from imagining the scale of income generated by our favorite presenters. Through their hard work, their charisma and sometimes their side businesses, they manage to reach heights of financial success, while entertaining us. Television, the mirror of society, also reflects, through these figures, the realities of a sector where entertainment is king, and its crowned heads, kings of finance.

FAQ & Frequently asked questions about the highest paid animators in France

What is Cyril Hanouna's monthly salary?
Cyril Hanouna's monthly salary is around 40 euros.

Who is the highest paid presenter in France?
The highest paid animator in France is Jean-Luc Reichmann.

How much is Michel Drucker's fortune?
Michel Drucker is paid nearly 40 euros per month to host the show “Vivement Dimanche”. He is also the head of his own production company, DMD, whose annual turnover is around 000 million euros.

What is Cyril Féraud's salary?
Cyril Féraud earns around 12 euros per month to host twenty Slam shows.

What is Jean-Luc Reichmann’s car?
Jean-Luc Reichmann's car is a Ford Mustang, which he dreamed of since his childhood.

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