Who are Julien Cohen's parents?

Key figure of the Affaire Conclue program, Julien Cohen is a collector. Julien Cohen returned to our colleagues from Télé Star, on the death of his father Jean-Pierre. She and Betsy West directed the RBG documentary on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, released in 2018.

Moreover, What is the brand of Julien Cohen's glasses?

Anacole: Glasses acetate handmade in France - French (FR) Julien Cohen is a French businessman and antique dealer. He is notably known for participating in the Affaire conclue program, on France 2, a lifestyle magazine presented by Sophie Davant.

Who is Sophie Davant's boyfriend? Yes Sophie Davant is supposed to have taken the initiative of her relationship with William Leymergie, presented by "Closer" as his new companion.

By the way, Who invented concluded deal?

Affaire conclue is a French television program broadcast on France 2 since August 21, 2017 and presented by Sophie Davant.
Affaire conclue .

Periodicity Daily
Creation ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen)
Directing Sebastien Pestel Julien Faustino Olivier Ruan Ben Cap
Presentation Sophie Davant

How old is Julien Cohen antiquarian?

“When the phone isn't ringing and there's no schedule, my wife and I spend a lot of time in bed! " Julien Cohen, 53, is married to Karine Ohana-Cohen since 1998.

Is Sophie Davant single?

The 58-year-old hostis plus single and made some confidences. Sophie Davant not'is no more heart to take! The facilitator is in love. Goodbye celibacy, she confides in being in a relationship.

Who are the Auctioneers of the Deal?

Buyers including Caroline Margeridon, Anne-Catherine Verwaerde, Paul Azzopardi, Damien Tison and Julien Cohen are part. And the Commissioners-auctioneers who are Diem Crenais, Patricia Casini-Vitalis, Marie Renoir or even Harold Hessel.

How old is Julien Cohen?

"When the phone does not ring andil there is no schedule, my wife and I spend a lot of time in bed! " Julien Cohen, 53, is married to Karine Ohana-Cohen since 1998.

How to have a concluded deal valued?

- for rarer objects, I recommend that you contact the Sales Hall closest to you for a estimate by your local Auctioneer who has the necessary expertise for the estimates. You will find the list of Auctioneers in your region here.

How old is Sophie De Affaire concluded?

À 58 years, Sophie Davant can boast of being one of the favorite animators of the French. Every afternoon, the presenter is a hit with her auction program, Affaire concluded, since the start of the 2017 school year. Her success is such that the journalist launched her own magazine, S, in November 2020.

How old is Caroline in the deal?

Born in 1966, Caroline Margeridon andage 54 years old, is mother of two children, Alexandre (23 years old) and Victoire (22 years old), whom she raised alone since their childhood.

Who is Sophie Davant's current husband?

According to the weekly, the chosen one of the heart of Sophie Davant not'is other than the auctioneer of the auction magazine that it presents on France Télévisions. Harold Hessel would therefore be the man here capsizes the heart of the principal concerned.

Who are Sophie Davant's men?

The presenter of Affaire Conclue had been married to journalist Pierre Sled, with whom she had two children, Nicolas, aged almost 28, and Valentine, 25. After their separation in 2012, Sophie Davant was in a relationship with the French academician and novelist Erik Orsenna, from 2012 to 2013.

Where is Sophie Davant's second home?

Confined solo in her second home in Normandy, the business leaderis imposed a military schedule so as not to see the day pass.

Who is auctioneer Harold Hessel?

Harold Hessel is un commissioner-auctioneer of German origin, born in 1979. He began his career at the Hôtel Drouot, a legendary Parisian auction house. He then worked for a great decorator as well which for a gallery owner, then for an online art object sales site for 10 years.

Who is Enora Alix?

Brief biography ofEnora Alix

The young woman doesis for another which one of the specialists in charge of appraising the items sold in Affaire concluded. Since the beginning of the show, she has always been present.

What are the experts of a concluded Business called?

Now in Affaire conclue , the auctioneers who intervene (Patricia Casini-Vitalis, Enora Alix, Yves Cosqueric…) have in turn become emblematic characters on the France 2 program; Buyers are no longer the only stars of the program.

How old is Harold a closed deal?

Harold Hessel therefore praised the positive points of this new mechanism, saying that "prices will go up really high". Then, the 42-year-old auctioneer was asked about his place in the show, important thanks to his seniority and his expert eye.

How do I get an object valued for free?

For a free estimate, many well-known websites offer their services, such as Drouot Estimate, or France Estimate. You enter the requested information, and in a few clicks you will receive a free estimate of your objects within 48 hours.

How do you know if an item is valuable?

The other way to know the valeur of his object old is to use sites like EBAY, Priceminister or le bon coin. You can for sure find your object if you fill in your request by indicating perfectly the characteristics of theobject.

How to estimate the value of a vase?

How to estimate the value of your vases ? Our specialized auctioneers and art experts estimate your vase. Receive within 48 hours a estimate objective, confidential and non-binding, based on the auction results of vases Similar.

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