resources and templates for a winning resume

Online tools for creating free online CVs

The CV is your cover letter, it is the key to being invited to the interview in the position that you would like to occupy so much. Prepare a good CV and you will be closer to your goal.

You can do this by Free online resume. These tools show you several ways to write your CV in a correct and orderly manner. In addition, each tool has many templates so that you can choose the one that suits you the best and matches your personality. And all this for free.

Examples of websites allowing you to put your CV online for free

Here you will find a small list of websites where you can make your CV quickly, efficiently and for free:

  • On this page, you will create a CV in a very visual way, as indicated by the name of the page. Make an infographic of your work and education, as well as your skills. To create a a very visual timeline with all your studies and jobs.
  • CV maker. It is a tool easy to use and intuitive. She's got one easy to use interface which will help you to write your CV in a simple way. You have the choice between many models. And you can export your CV as PDF, TXT or HTML.
  • doyoubuzz. Another very intuitive and with many possibilities: easily guides you through all the steps. The result is a very you can create in web, pdf or mobile format. In addition, you can use your LinkedIn and Facebook data.

Pages to download CV templates for free

Many of the sites mentioned above, as well as most of the sites that offer free online CVs, have many models different. But there are also pages that only offer templates, so you can make the CV to your liking.

  • They have models prepared by experts, different types of CVs according to 3 main formats: chronological, functional and combined. A wide variety to choose from.
  • A website where you can also make your CV, and where you have over 50 resume templates to download in Word format.

Tips for writing your CV

We're going to give you some tips so you know where to start to write your CV and do it in a way that's effective and engaging for recruiters.

  • Curriculum in one sheetmuch better. You may need two pages depending on your experience and education, but if you can do it on one page it will be much more enjoyable to read.
  • So far the the functions performed in every job were paramount, but lately it takes a lot to showcase the skills. I want to say, the skills you have developed in each of your jobs.
  • I know specific with all the dates you specify. No inconsistency in the dates can be a negative point.
  • Do not forget the information about your linguistic and technological skills. It's best to put it at the end of the CV, but that's no less important.
  • Presentation and spelling. It may be obvious, but it is very important that it is pleasant to read and that it does not contain a single spelling or grammar mistake.
  • remember that recruiters see dozens of resumes a dayhow would you do it underline so that yours is that one?

With these tips, we give you enough information to start writing your CV. Or to change the one you already had if you haven't updated it for a long time. The most important thing is to put all the necessary information on you, which will make the recruiter keep your CV and not someone else's. Thanks to these sites and templates, you will be able to make a free online CV that is suitable for the job you are applying for. Take your time and ask your family and friends for advice - your CV is a cover letter where you have to give your best!

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