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Top 10 most tattooed footballers in the world 2022

Who are the most tattooed footballers in the world? Why do these footballers have tattoos on their bodies?

Many athletes have tattoos engraved on their bodies. These things don't make less sense. Some have engraved religious tattoos and some of them have engraved tattoos of their zodiac signs.

Here in the list below we have ten of the most tattooed footballers in the world right now. These football players have covered most of their body parts with amazing tattoos. This tattoo culture is not new, people have been using it for hundreds of years.

Many athletes from all sports like to have tattoos on their body. Most of them belong to wrestling, boxing, football, basketball and other sports. Take a look at these ten most tattooed footballers in the list below.

Top 10 most tattooed footballers in the world 2022

10. Daniel Agger – Denmark

9. Maruo Icardi – Argentina

8. Autruo Vidal – Chile

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Sweden

6. Memphis Depay – Netherlands

5. Marcus Rashford – England

4. Sergio Ramos – Spain

Sergio Ramos tattoos, front and back.

3. Nigel de Jong – Netherlands

2. Marcos Rojo – Argentina

1. Neymar Jr – Brazil

Neymar Jr. has tattoos on his back. Spiderman and Batman tattoos on Neymar's back

Football is currently the most popular sport in the world. He has over 4 billion fans worldwide which is an incredible number. Footballers are the most followed people in the world.

That's why fans want to know which tattoo their favorite footballer has engraved on his body.

Who is the most tattooed footballer in the world?

Many footballers have tattoos all over their bodies, so it's very difficult to say who has the most. The ten most tattooed footballers are:

  • Neymar Jr.
  • Marcos Rojo
  • Nigel de Jong
  • Sergio Ramos
  • Marcus Rashford
  • Memphis Depay
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Autruo Vidal
  • Maruo Icardi
  • Daniel Agger

Does Cristiano Ronaldo have a tattoo?

Nope! Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't like tattoos. There may be many reasons, but internet sources say that he donates blood, that's why he didn't carve any tattoos on his body.

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