Top 10 Most Popular Winter Sports in The World - [Ice Sports]

Top 10 most popular winter sports in the world – [Ice Sports]

What are the most popular winter sports in the world? Everything you need to know about the most watched winter sports is here.

Rank sports
1 Ice Hockey
2 Curling
3 Snowmobile
4 Snowboard
5 Luge
6 Ski
7 Ice skating
8 Ringette
9 rink ball
dix Ski jumping

Winter sports are naturally practiced during the cold season. But the ice and artificial snow made it possible to play it in the desired course rather than finding a very cold area. Some winter or ice sports are very expensive due to the price of their equipment and safety requirements.

Some countries in the world remain cold all year round. Snow sports are essentially more practiced in these countries. These sports have developed over the years from the initial form of different ways of traveling on snow.

Today, these sports are popular all over the world, and some of them are also an integral part of the Winter Olympics. Here we have ten of the most popular winter sports that are enjoyed and watched around the world.

Top 10 most popular winter sports in the world – [Ice Sports]

1. Ice hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the United States and Canada. It is an official winter sport in Canada. Ice hockey is also played at the Winter Olympics.

As the name suggests, it's something like field hockey, but on an ice field instead of a grass field. It is usually played between two teams of six players each. each player holds an ice hockey stick to control and pass a rubber disc called a "puck" into the other team's goal.

Ice hockey evolved from an 1875th century stick and ball sport. It was first played in XNUMX with the current rules with some variations.

2. Curling

Curling is the next popular winter sport on our list of the top ten most popular winter sports in the world. It is an indoor game which can be played without the winter season as artificial ice can be used for it.

In curling, players slide a polished stone across a sheet of ice towards a targeted area. They trace a path in front of the stone, skimming the ice cap. As fast as a player brushes, the stone moves in the direction the player wants.

In curling, players use specially designed shoes to slide and grip the ice cap. Curling is also part of the Winter Olympics.

3. Snowmobile

Snowmobile is also known by different names such as snow scooter and snow machine. This is specially designed for traveling on snow. Originally designed for travel, it has now become a popular and serious sport for players and fans.

A modification of the design was developed after it was accepted as a regular sport. The snowmobile once accommodated two people when its purpose was to travel. But since it has become a competitive sport, most companies now make a snowmobile that only seats one person.

A snowmobile sport usually takes place in an authorized area. You cannot leave this area without a permit and appropriate security measures.

4. Snowboard

Snowboarding is also a popular sport in the Winter Olympics. It is a recreational and competitive activity in which a person or player slides down a snowy slope using a board attached to their feet.

A resemblance to skateboarding, sledding, surfing and skiing is due to the development of snowboarding from these sports. Snowboarding is now part of the Olympic and Paralympic games.

5. Sledding

Sledding is also a popular winter sport similar to snowboarding and other ski sports. In Sledding, a person glides over the surface of the snow while sitting on a small vehicle called a sled.

It is a useful method of travel for fishing and other activities on ice or snow. The use of the sled is very old in the history of man. At the beginning, the man used it to move in the snowy areas. Over time it became advanced equipment and people made it into a competitive sport.

6. Skis

Skiing is another most popular winter sport which is enjoyed and watched all over the world, especially in cold regions. It is basically the use of skis to glide over snow for different purposes such as transportation, recreational activities, and competitive sports.

Like many other winter sports, skiing also developed from the use of skis for travel or transportation. It also has a very old history as mankind started their journey through snow. It has different types such as Alpine, Nordic and Telemark.

7. Ice skating

Ice skating is also a popular winter or ice sport in which a person glides across an ice surface using metal bladed ice skates. Its history is also old because man used different strategies to move on the surface of the ice.

Ice skating is now a popular winter sport and recreational activity that can be practiced on natural snow or on artificial ice rinks. There are a number of other winter sports that use ice skating.

8. Ringette

Ringette is a women's winter sport in which two teams of girls compete against each other. It is also played on an ice skate with ice hockey skates. Ringette is currently one of the most popular women's sports in Canada.

Although ringette is not part of the Olympics and Paralympics, it is still quite popular. Sooner or later, we can expect its presence at the Olympic Games. It was developed in Canada and first played in 1963.

9. Rinkball

Rinkball is also a winter team sport played mainly in Finland. It is also played with ice skates on surface ice. The sport is not yet part of the Olympics.

Rinkball was first played in 1960 in Sweden. It is a team sport that requires equipment such as ice hockey skates (less often), a blue ball, rinkball sticks, and protective gear.

10. Ski jumping

Ski jumping is also a popular winter sport which is also among the most expensive sports due to its expensive equipment and practice requirements.

In ski jumping, a person must jump high and long after skiing on the ice surface. It's like the long jump or the high jump but on snow. Aerial style also counts in an individual's victory.

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