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Top 20 highest paid NBA players in 2020

Who is the highest paid NBA player?

Recently, Forbes published for the year 2020, the 100 best sports athletes in the world. The stars of the NBA have not failed to rise to the occasion as they have in fact topped the list. Over 30% of NBA players make up the 100 athlete list with LeBron James taking the crown as the No. 1 NBA Big Winner.

Themoney takes a look at the 20 highest paid NBA players of the year. Ranking is based on total salary / earnings income as well as sponsorship and sponsorship income.

Here are the highest paid NBA players right now

20. Zion Williamson

Salary: $ 7,3 million; Endorsements: $ 20 million

Zion Williamson was the most marketable rookie since LeBron James and being the No.1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, he signed a four-year contract with the New Orleans Pelicans for $ 44 million. The endorsements were a mess for the 19-year-old as Nike had to beat a bitter bidding war to secure the purchasing power for a $ 13 million-a-year contract. He earns $ 20 million from the endorsements alone. His annual income is $ 27,3 million, with endorsements accounting for over 60% of his total income.

19. Kemba Walker

Salary: $ 24,6 million; Endorsements: $ 3 million

The ninth overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft signed a four-year contract with the Boston Celtics in 2019 for $ 141 million and earns $ 24,6 million in salary. All of Walker's endorsement deals totaled $ 3 million, bringing his total revenue to $ 27,6 million.

18. Gordon Hayward

Salary: $ 24,6 million; Endorsements: $ 3 million

The first NBA player to sign a sponsorship deal with Hyperx, an esports brand in 2016, signed a four-year deal with the Boston Celtics in 2017 for $ 128 million. However, six minutes into his debut for the Celtics, an injury got the better of him. He made a stunning comeback in the 2018 season. The 30-year-old amassed a total of $ 27,6 million in earnings, which includes salaries and endorsements.

17.Jimmy Butler

Salary: $ 24,6 million; Endorsements: $ 3 million

Jimmy Butler in 2019 joined the Miami Heats in a business deal with the Philadelphia 76ers for $ 142 million, which happens to be his fourth team since making his NBA debut. He rakes in $ 24,6 million a year just on salaries and bonuses. Although he severed ties with Nike's Jordan brand in 2019, he took advantage of $ 3 million from his sponsorship deals.

16. Kyle Lowry

Salary: $ 27 million; Endorsements: $ 1,5 million

The summer of 2017 saw Kyle Lowry sign a three-year contract with Toronto worth $ 100 million with $ 93 million guaranteed. Then he took advantage of $ 1,5 million in incentives after helping the Toronto Raptors win their first NBA championship, also signing a one-year contract extension worth $ 30 million with the Raptors. He comes sixteenth on the list of highest paid NBA stars with a total income of $ 28,5 million.

15. Anthony Davis

Salary: $ 20,4 million; Endorsements: $ 10 million

The 2012 NBA First Overall Selection and seven-time All-Star signed with New Orleans in 2015 a five-year contract extension for $ 127 million, but Anthony Davis was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019 at his request. The salary and endorsement deal with the Nike and Ruffles brand brings the 27-year-old's earnings to a total of $ 30,4 million this year.

14. Kawhi Leonard

Salary: $ 25 million; Endorsements: $ 5,5 million

The small forward who joined the Los Angeles Clippers in 2019 as a free agent signed a three-year contract worth $ 103 million and is paid an annual salary of $ 25 million. Kawhi Leonard, who left Nike's Jordan brand for New Balance in 2018, was embroiled in a legal battle with the Nike brand a year later. However, he made a whopping $ 5,5 million from all of his endorsement deals.

13.John Wall

Salary: $ 28,7 million; Endorsements: $ 2,5 million

Two years before his free agency, John Wall signed a $ 169 million contract extension with the Washington Wizards in July 2017, which would see Washington pay Wall around $ 207 million over six years with $ 47 million in the year that falls in the 2022-2023 season. . The playmaker signed a five-year contract with Adidas in 2018. However, Wall parted ways with the brand in the 2019-2020 season. Still, he raked in $ 2,5 million in endorsements to earn a total of $ 31,2 million.

12. Blake Griffin

Salary: $ 25,9 million; Endorsements: $ 6 million

The first global project of 2009, is currently in a five-year contract worth $ 171 million that will run until the 2021-2022 season. However, Blake Griffin receives over $ 20 million in salary per year and endorsements worth $ 6 million represent his total salary of $ 31,9 million.

11. Paul Georges

Salary: $ 24,8 million; Endorsements: $ 8 million

In 2019, after joining the Los Angeles Clippers, Paul George forged one of the best partnerships in the game with teammate Kawhi Leonard. During the 2018-19 season, he made his first All-NBA first-team appearance and dominated the league in interceptions. The 2016 Olympic gold medalist grossed a total of $ 32,8 million, receiving a salary of $ 24,8 million and benefiting from $ 8 million on endorsements.

10. Chris Paul

Salary: $ 29 million; Endorsements: $ 6 million

Paul, who transferred from Houston to Oklahoma City after spending three years of his four-year contract extension worth $ 160 million in 2018, has suffered a cut in his salary due to the pandemic crisis. He previously earned $ 38,5 million. Nevertheless, the president of the NBA players' union now receives $ 29 million per year on salary alone and earns an additional $ 6 million on endorsements.

9. Damien Lillard

Salary: $ 22,5 million; Endorsements: $ 14,5 million

The former Rookie of the Year and five-time All-Star who has made all the playoffs of his career with the Blazers ranks ninth on the list. The annual payday earnings allow the 29-year-old to earn $ 22,5 million. His sponsorship contracts are worth a total of $ 14,5 million. Besides being a basketball player, Damian Lillard is also a rapper with three studio albums already released under the rap name, Dame DOLLA.

8. Klay Thompson

Salary: $ 24,8 million; Endorsements: $ 14 million

One of the game's versatile shooters, who happens to be the first player in NBA history to score 60 points in under 30 minutes, extended his contract with the Golden State Warriors in 2019 for $ 190 million for five years. A 10-year deal with Chinese shoe brand Anta sees the five-time All-Star enjoy $ 80 million, excluding bonuses and royalties that have yet to be paid. In total, Klay Thompson's total earnings are $ 38,8 million.

7.Kyrie Irving

Salary: $ 23,9 million; Endorsements: $ 18 million

Kyrie Irving, who helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win their first NBA championship in 2016, comes seventh on the list with a salary of $ 23,9 million a year. Endorsement deals with Nike, Pepsi, 2k Sports give the 28-year-old an additional $ 18 million. Its total income is $ 41,9 million.

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Salary: $ 19,6 million; Endorsements: $ 28 million

In 2016, Giannis Antetokounmpo signed a four-year contract extension with the Bucks worth $ 100 million that will end in the 2020-21 season. Salaries, earnings and bonuses as well as promotion deals add to lucrative deal signed with Disney to develop film centered on the life of the quadruple All-Star that has raised his earnings in one year to $ 47,6 million. of dollars. The film is slated for release in 2022.

5. James Harden

Salary: $ 28,8 million; Endorsements: $ 19 million

James Harden signed a four-year contract extension in 2017 worth $ 171 million that would take him through 2023. He also signed a 13-year support contract with big brand Adidas worth $ 200 million as part of his NBA campaign. The 2018 NBA MVP income is $ 47,8 million per year.

4. Russell Westbrook

Salary: $ 29 million; Endorsements: $ 27 million

The 2017 NBA MVP spent his first 11 years in the NBA with Oklahoma City and was traded to the Houston Rockets in 2019 and thus receives an annual salary of over $ 20 million. 2017 saw the nine-time All-star extend their sponsorship deal with Nike's brand Jordan for another ten years. Russell Westbrook earns $ 27 million from endorsements alone.

3.Kevin Durant

Salary: $ 28,9 million; Endorsements: $ 35 million

In 2019, after three years with the Golden State, Kevin Durant signed a four-year, $ 164 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets and started making over $ 20 million a year. With $ 35 million in referrals and sponsorship deals, Durant earns a total of $ 63,9 million per year.

2. Stephen Curry

Salary: $ 30,4 million; Endorsements: $ 44 million

Twice-crowned NBA MVP Stephen Curry sealed the first $ 200 million contract in 2017, becoming the league's best salary in the past three seasons. A few sponsorship deals, including that of Callaway Golf, have allowed the leader to raise a total of $ 44 million. He also has an investment in the entertainment scene as he owns a production company, Unanimous Media, which has a development agreement with Sony Pictures. The company released its first movie "Breakthrough" in 2019.

1. LeBron James

Salary: $ 28,2 million; Endorsements: $ 60 million

The four-time NBA MVP tops the list. A four-year contract LeBron James signed in 2018 with the Los Angeles Lakers worth $ 153 million, coupled with the fact that he owns a production company, as well as a media company, sees him take the first place. He is in fact the highest paid NBA player in terms of mentions. The deals he signed with Coca-Cola, Beats and a few other companies earn him $ 60 million on approval alone, bringing his total income to $ 88,2 million per year. In 2015, James also signed a lifetime contract with sportswear company Nike. This…

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