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Top 5 Best Running Shoes for Men in India 2023-24

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Recently I needed shoes because my previous shoes were giving up. This time, instead of going to offline stores to buy shoes, I bought shoes from Amazon and the experience was great, but finding the best shoes was time consuming and exhausting for me. Actually I bought 3 pairs of shoes – the other two pairs for my father and my brother.

The 3 pairs of shoes I purchased are listed below. I bought them at 60% off on Amazon. Amazon launched an offer on Adidas, Reebok, Bata, UCB and many more shoes where they gave flat 60% off the purchase of 3 shoes.

To help other potential sneakers buyers, I tried to find the 5 best sneakers under Rs. 2000 to buy online on Amazon. Keep in mind that shoes are categorized in terms of ratings and reviews. This means the shoes have better reviews and have more 5 stars are ranked higher.

So, after extensive research, I have compiled a list of Top 5 Best Sports Shoes under Rs. 2000 in India to buy online. It would be better to opt for shoes that are ranked higher in this list.

1) New Balance Vazee Pace v2:

These shoes are light enough with firm yet responsive cushioning underfoot. With an accommodating toe box and extra room to move, they are particularly durable, especially on concrete and asphalt, preventing any type of slip/fall thanks to an excellent outsole.

They are best suited for people with standard to narrow feet, with medium to high arches, due to the sturdy midsole and prominent toe curvature.

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Whether it's just a sprint down the road or a whole 42.195 km marathon, the key to a good race lies in choosing the right shoes for your feet! It's imperative for dedicated runners to have the right kind of running shoes to reduce or minimize the risk of injury, prevent friction blisters, and most importantly, to make running a little easier.

2) Adidas Terrex Agravic:

Le Terrex Agravic is ideal for running outdoors at relatively decent speeds thanks to its continental rubber outsole which provides extraordinary grip. In addition, it has abrasion-resistant welds for protection on the outside that ensure a comfortable fit, blocking any type of obstructions like small pebbles or dust particles.

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3) Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33:

The Zoom Pegasus 33, an all-rounder in its own right, feels like wearing slip-ons, offering the best combination of comfort and speed. The outsole not only absorbs shock, but features waffle pistons that reduce traction on multiple surfaces.

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Moreover, the additional light, super strong Flywire cables provide incredible support with engineered mesh for breathability. And one more thing, its new design is unique from others as it is newly in the market at a great price with 40% off at amazon.

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4) Reebok ZJet Race:

Le strongest feature of this pair is the allowance for 360 degree ventilation due to the mesh underlay, which provides an escape route for rising heat, thus maintaining a cool and comfortable ride.

A high abrasion rubber reduces traction with flex grooves, to facilitate freedom of movement that also improves durability. Additionally, a IMEVA 3D foam midsole which is very light and responsive, makes a pad configuration that offers maximum protection to the rider.

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5) ASICS FuzeX:

ASICS FuzeX is probably the best pair of shoes for beginners who prefer road running. The gel-technology infused foam liner absorbs much of the shock while the seamless top liner provides a more comfortable, glove-like fit around the feet.

The outsole at the other end allows full contact with the ground, making the runner's stride more confident.

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Hope this list of best running shoes in India will help you to buy the right running shoes for you. If you have any questions or doubts, contact me through the comments section or via email.

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