How do I use drones in ingress?

To deploy a Drone:

Tap the Main Menu and tap Dronenet to initialize access to the Drone Network and enter DRONE FOOTAGE view. From DRONE FOOTAGE view, you can either MOVE a Drone to a Target Portal or RECALL an already deployed Drone. Tap MOVE to deploy Drone Mark I.

Similarly How does Scout controller work? A portal’s scout controller is the agent that has scanned that portal more than any other agent in the last 30 days. The number of scans by that agent in the last 30 days is displayed on the portal’s detail card. When you exceed that number of scans on that portal in 30 days, you become the new scout controller.

What is Drone net ingress? Dronenet is a feature that allows agents to deploy drones to remotely hack portals. The Dronenet is a network of autonomous drones originally developed by the NIA and now operated by IQTech. Agents can access the Dronenet to remotely hack portals.

Additionally, How do you use Jarvis virus?

How do you use Portal keys in ingress?

Obtaining a Portal Key

  1. Use the “Request Key” option in the Hack menu.
  2. Use the MORE command glyph before a glyph hack.
  3. Put your existing keys into a capsule before you hack.
  4. Drop your keys before you hack.
  5. Put your keys in a quantum capsule for duplication.

What does the Jarvis virus do in ingress? Description. The JARVIS Virus can be used to reverse the alignment of a Resistance Portal.

What is a beacon in ingress? Beacons are items that can be used to mark Portals in the Scanner. They are sold in the Ingress Store and given out during special Niantic events such as Anomalies. Certain Beacons may also be given out for free for special events or occasions.

How do I get more resonators in ingress?

What does multi hack do ingress?

It allows the Portal to be hacked more than four times before the Portal burns out (burnouts last for four hours).

How do you get Portal keys? A Portal key can be acquired in a couple of ways: hacking portals or destroying links and then picking it up (Portal keys drop some of the time when you destroy links and they drop at the originating portal for that link, not the terminating/destination portal).

Is Jarvis a virus?

Jarvis may refer to: JARVIS Virus, a weapon that changes the alignment of a portal from Resistance to Enlightened. Roland Jarvis, the first leader of the Enlightened.

What are battle beacons? A Battle Beacon creates a mini-Anomaly over the Portal to which it’s deployed, allowing Agents in range to practice and test their battle skills against one another. Once a battle begins, a Scoreboard will appear over the target Portal indicating points scored by each Faction across a timed battle.

How long do battle beacons last?

from being used during the battle to snipe a Checkpoint; however, the target Portal will still reverse alignment after each Checkpoint. The entire Battle Beacon Challenge lasts 15 minutes.

Do quantum capsules still work in ingress?

Since June 2017, MUFG Capsules were no longer hackable until 11. December 2017 with the release of Ingress 1.129. 2, the MUFG Capsule was replaced with the Quantum Capsule. All inventories were immediately converted and the Quantum Capsule became hackable again.

What is a portal in ingress? Portals are phenomena that throw lots of Exotic Matter (XM) into this world. If it is captured with a it will align to the faction and be available for linking. The colour of a Portal indicates which faction is in control of it: Blue for the , Green for the , and grey for neutral.

How do you get kinetic capsules in ingress? The Kinetic Capsule is a unique type of Capsule that lets you combine items using kinetic energy charged by walking certain distances in order to craft Very Rare items. Agents Level 4 or higher can visit the Ingress Store to claim 1 Common Kinetic Capsule, which is indestructible and reusable.

How do quantum capsules work in ingress?

How many Ingress portals are there? As of July 2016, 15 million portals had been submitted by the Ingress community, and five million of those had been included in the game.

How many levels are in Ingress?

Share All sharing options for: Ingress level cap doubles to 16, receives new features. The level cap on Niantic Labs’ augmented reality massively multiplayer game, Ingress, is now more than double, increasing from level 8 to 16, the developer announced today.

How do I submit a new portal to Ingress? Submitting a Portal Nomination

Tap the Main Menu button and select NOMINATIONS. Note that the Nominations button won’t appear until you’ve reached level 10. Review the information screens and tap NEXT to proceed. Set the Portal’s location by tapping and dragging the map until the marker is in the correct location.


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