Who is Kyle Rittenhouse lawyer Mark Richards?

The lead lawyer representing Kyle Rittenhouse is Mark Richards, 59, a veteran defense lawyer and former prosecutor who has spent his career in Kenosha and Racine, Wis., primarily representing people accused of drug crimes and murder.

Similarly Where did attorney Mark Richards go to college? Mark studied at the University of Wisconsin Law School. He was a sole practitioner from 1990 to 1994. He’s currently associated with Richards & Dimmer, S.C as a partner.

Who are Kyle Rittenhouse defense attorneys? Kyle Rittenhouse defense attorney Mark Richards spoke to the media after Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges in Kenosha County court.

Additionally, Is Mark Geragos a good lawyer?

Geragos has been several accolades, including the California Lawyer of the Year award in Civil Litigation, and was named the Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association.

Who is David Hancock?

David Hancock is an American playwright, best known for his plays The Race of the Ark Tattoo and The Convention of Cartography. He is a two-time Obie winner for his works with the Foundry Theatre.

Who is Corey Chirafisi? Attorney Corey Chirafisi is a former prosecutor. As such, he has a unique perspective into how the other side thinks about prosecuting cases. Attorney Chirafisi served as an Assistant District Attorney in Kenosha County before entering private practice.

What is David Hancock’s background? David Hancocks was born and raised in Kinver, England. Graduating from the School of Architecture, University of Bath, he was the first graduate to receive a degree from that new university: a Bachelor of Science in 1966 and a Masters in Architecture in 1968.


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