Who inherited Aretha Franklins money?

Who inherited Aretha Franklins money?

Aretha Franklin had four wills

The March 2014 will gave a greater share of her estate to her youngest son, Kecalf Franklin, and her oldest son, Clarence Franklin, was to get less.

Similarly How much is Aretha Franklin’s estate worth? Aretha Franklin’s estate, which includes properties, cars, furs, and jewelry, is said to be worth at least $18 million and as much as $80 million (via The Detroit News). However, the singer’s longtime attorney David Bennett stated that she owed $8 million in taxes at the time of her death.

What was Aretha Franklin worth at the time of her death? Nearly three years have passed since Aretha Franklin, known as the u201cQueen of Soul,u201d died from pancreatic cancer at age 76. At the time, her total fortune was estimated to be worth up to $80 million.

Additionally, What was Aretha Franklin’s highest net worth?

What was Aretha Franklin’s Net Worth? Aretha Franklin was an American singer, songwriter, and musician who was considered the « Queen of Soul. » Aretha Franklin had a net worth of $80 million dollars at the time of her death in 2018. That number includes the value of her likeness, music catalog and royalty stream.

What happened to Aretha Franklin?

Nearly three years have passed since Aretha Franklin, known as the “Queen of Soul,” died from pancreatic cancer at age 76. … We also noted that following Aretha’s death, the IRS claimed that she owed nearly $8 million in unpaid income taxes.

How many babies did Aretha Franklin have? Franklin had four children, Clarence Franklin, Edward Franklin, Ted White Jr. (known professionally as Teddy Richards) and Kecalf Cunningham. The Queen of Soul largely avoided keeping her personal life out of the public, as have her sons.

How much older was Edward Jordan than Aretha? She then had another child when she was 14-years-old by Edward Jordan – who her brother called a ‘player. ‘ Despite being a mum-of-two by 15, Aretha set her sights firmly on a career in music with her grandmother Rachel and sister Erma taking charge of her children.

Who is Donald Burk? Clarence Franklin’s father has been reported to have been a man named Donald Burk, who was a schoolmate of the singer’s. … — who’s also the acknowledged father of another of the singer’s sons, Edward, who was born when she was 14.

Who is the real father of Aretha Franklin’s first child?

Ted “Teddy” White, Jr., born in 1964, was the sole child Franklin had with her first husband and manager, Ted White Sr. White Sr. was allegedly physically abusive to Franklin; the two were married in 1961 when Franklin was only 19, and divorced in 1969.

What happened to Aretha Franklin mother? When Aretha was 10, her mother died suddenly from a heart attack. In From These Roots, Aretha reflected, “I cannot describe the pain, nor will I try.” The Queen of Soul added that she remembered how she “sat in tears…for a long time” after returning from her mother’s burial.

Who’s the father of Aretha Franklin’s first child?

She first became pregnant at the age of 12 and gave birth to her first child, named Clarence after her father, on January 28, 1955. In one of her handwritten wills, discovered in 2019, Franklin revealed that the father was Edward Jordan.

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